My Missoni for Target picks

 Did you buy into yesterday's Missoni madness and buy any of their articles from Target?
My local store was not a stockist and as their online shop crashed, I only took a peek today.
Nothing appeared to be sold out and social media reports seemed unanimous that the quality was lacking in many items.

Never-the-less, I bought a bath mat, hand-towel and scarf which can  be returned if I don't like them.

My favourite items were the children's wear; softly toned muslin wraps, blankets, onesies and clothing. None of which I have need for but would make gorgeous presents! 
I also liked the velour beach towels, small cushions, toiletry packs and the moccasins pictured above...but not enough to purchase.

Did you attend the launch in store or buy anything online?
Would love to hear your thoughts...
x KL

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