Choosing the negative...

 If you have been reading this wee blog for awhile, you will know that my current project, our home,  is being decorated in predominantly Black + White. Depending on the percentage of each tone, it could also be described as a White + Black theme. LOL.

 I've previously posted HERE and HERE regarding the two upstairs bathroom plans; the main bedroom en suite and the powder room for J and guests to use.

Yesterday, David and I went serious, intention 'to buy' shopping for our en suite floor tiles and came home empty handed. The Calcutta Marble I liked (deep grey veining on crisp white) was too expensive and the stone that was within our budget was too grey overall and just looked smudgy / dirty. Bugger.

Of course in an ideal world, I would have loved these bathrooms to have the same marble as the downstairs rooms for continuity and flow. When we purchased that lot though, we couldn't stretch the coffers any further and unfortunately, we cannot get a match for it.

Left: Main Bathroom Downstairs                      Right: Guest En suite Downstairs; marble still to be installed under mirror
We have the tiles for the powder room. They are black marble tiles, 600 x 400 mm size, with small amounts of white veining. I had intended on having the floor and the one large wall opposite the door clad in this with the remaining walls white tile. My thought was that our en suite would be a negative of the powder. White with black. Now this is excluded due to budget constraints, my next thought is to tile it to match the powder room. ?

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This means the opposite of what I've dreamt for our en suite! I had David re-look at our in-stock tile and we have enough to do both floors without any further expenditure but I would have to forgo the black marble clad wall in the powder, again turning my mental images into negatives.

Trying to get my head around this new, cost-effective solution....I'm back to Pinterest and Googling like a mad woman!

x KL

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Playing Catch - up

 # 1. I purchased a double wash plane made from solid Ceasarstone! As an ex-display item it was a  $200 bargain (RR $6 000) too good to walk away from and one another house will benefit from!

# 2. Hello little fellow! This is an Southern Leaf Tail Gecko who has taken up residence in the garage!

# 3. Love these crisp black trimmed pillowcases! I bought them online from Harold's!

In house news, we have roofed two upstairs patio areas, the one off the dining room seen in image # 4. The tragedy of the missing palette of travertine (read the drama HERE) has been resolved, # 6. The stone supplier honouring the shortfall. Phew!

 An art project I started has hit a hick -up. #5. This is where it's at ATM. I'm not sure I like the severe contrast so am doing a smaller test canvas to see if I will paint over and start again or do a 'wash' over what I've done so far. Eeeek!

Easter has come and gone and J's return to school has coincided with an unseasonably late start to cooler autumn temperatures. # 7. A picture of J at 7:55 am, struggling to get out of bed on the first day back at school! 

# 8. I made a bird-cage cover with some gingham. It is really terribly pretty rough but does the job. Wine always assists in no-plan projects like these I feel...

# 9. The MKR series had us hooked and making our own pasta was something we wanted to try. Here's my shiny new toy; already transferred to a plastic storage container to keep all the 'bits' together. Wish me luck!

x KL

Thank you for stopping by my blog. You are very welcome and encouraged to comment, I love receiving feedback!