Grand Designs Live

 David, J and I attended Grand Designs Live at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre last year and found lots of interesting and inspiring displays. You can read all about our experience HERE. We enjoyed it so much that I am thrilled to be attending again. Luckily, I have won tickets  thanks to a Facebook promotion by a wholesale supplier, Cafe Lighting.!

Whoop Whoop! Many thanks!!!!

If you're interested, it is on in both Sydney, 18 - 20 October and Melbourne, 25 - 27 October
and tickets are currently selling at 30% off!

Click HERE for all the deets!

x KL

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Sh*t, Bugger, Bum, Pooh...and repeat!

( ....sorry Mum)

Remember how I debated the pros and cons of a major Camilla purchase HERE?

Indecisively, I bought both the long dress and the shirt...after which the perfect compromise, a short, lace-up kaftan was released! (Left, below) 

Then, my 50th birthday celebrations (for which I invested in said clothing) was cancelled.
And the design above right emerged....
S.B.B.P....and repeat!

all @ 20% off !!!!
S.B.B.P. .....*#^%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel much better now,

Thank you

x KL 

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DETAILING: Guest Bedroom / Ensuite

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was getting the Guest Bedroom Ensuite vanity and shaving cabinetry made and it occurred to me that I haven't posted about this area of the house before. 
So here we go....

Although having relocated from Sydney to the Central Coast eons ago, the benefit of being able to provide guests with accommodation has become entrenched. 
Initially, as an unanticipated single Mum, I bought my eldest daughter a double bed to be utilised by the occasional guest (Nana & Grandad) whilst she happily snuggled with Mummy.

My eldest daughter's bedroom circa 1995; aged 7
  17 years on, friends and ever welcome interstate family, have cemented this need.

Located directly off the entry in this house, the guest suite offers privacy for the inhabitants and the host family. (Us. He he!) There is a small robe and en suite and easy access to the secondary kitchen on this level.

In retrospect, I should have utilised the entry coat cupboard as a small robe for this room, allowing a more generous en suite experience. My original plan was for a walk-in-shower which was thwarted by a lack of a few centimetres depth.... Ah....the value of hindsight! *sigh*

The detailing of these rooms were quite complicated and a bit disappointing in their conclusion, proving that even seasoned renovators can 'get it wrong' occasionally!

 I realised that the best way to enjoy the view, for this rooms inhabitant, would be a reflected image from the bed, as seen above. (excuse the mess!!!!) I created a niche for a mirror and although it works perfectly, it negated the opportunity of using a cavity sliding door to the ensuite (the opposite wall cavity houses an in-wall cistern). We were snookered! Damn!
A traditional swing door was installed, reducing valuable floor space and further changing the walk-in-shower to an enclosed style due to light switch placement!
One change ripples on to many....

Anywho, it doesn't now 'work'. The room is too small for an inward swinging door and we've breached the building code too. The door will have to be changed to outward opening or re-hung with removable hinge pins for access in emergency situations!

TIP! If a change to plans is required, follow through mentally with ALL repercussions before committing! In this situation, I could have just hung that mirror on the wall, had a CSD unit, saved money and gained better aesthetics and functionality!

TIP! Ensure all inward opening bathroom / W.C  doors meet the Building Code of Australia:

"Clause sets out that access should be possible by having either a door that opens outwards, a cavity or face-of-wall sliding door or for a door that opens into the sanitary compartment, that it be readily removable from the outside, i.e. capable of lifting off its hinges, unless there is a clear space of at least 1200mm between the closet pan and the nearest part of the doorway."

So...we'll be renovating before we finish building! LOL!
The joy!!!!

The ensuite to this room was based on many inspirational images but the major consideration was storage as I wanted a minimal floating vanity. (Concept below)

By recessing mirrored shaving cabinetry you gain additional storage which compensates for limited space within the vanity unit itself. It's no-bending access too = extra ticks!

TIP! In small bathrooms, hide as much in-wall as possible. Think cisterns, doors, storage, niches'.  It eliminates visual clutter whilst optimising space efficiency.

For continuity, finishes (including underfloor heating) in this ensuite match those in the main bathroom which is also located on this level. 

*Crema Perla Marble *Dorf Motif Towel Rails *Scala Basin tap *Caroma Cube wall hung pan *Gerberit in-wall cistern & flush plate *Dorf Myriad Shower rose * Parisi Box semi recessed sink

So, there's this area posted. We're currently using it as our bedroom / ensuite before moving upstairs and it's messy, hence the lack of pics! More to come with the imminent joinery fit-out!

x KL 

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Bits and Bobs...

 H e l l o  there!

I've been M.I.A. after misplacing my Bloggy Mojo.....and have been busy with life. 
It's all Groovy Baby! here again now though!
J's on school holidays (yay!) and we've been mooching about, doing nothing in particular!

Mum and Dad's reno is complete and I'll take some pics to share soon. The bathrooms and kitchen have been given aesthetic and practical ticks of approval whist the cosmetic updates have really freshened the whole mood of their home. Phew!
 Celebrations for my 50th birthday have been indefinitely postponed. The day came and went whilst we were all trying to digest poor follow up results regarding Dad's battle with Cancer. He's got more surgery to endure in the coming month.....every fibre of my being is crossed for a positive outcome.
But, hey! I'm happy to stay 49 awhile longer!

Unsurprisingly, nothing much has happened on our own home front, though I did find time to design  the following items which are currently being made:

  • The base of the coffee table posted about HERE is now being powder coated
  • A vanity for the guest ensuite is on order
(It will look similar to the one I had made for the main bathroom, below)

  • The mirrored shaving cabinet for the guest ensuite is on order
  • And a custom entertainment unit for the family room is being made too.

This means that there will be LOTS more to show & tell soon!!!!

x KL

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A speedy reno....

 What seems like an eternity for my parents, has been the speediest renovation project for us!
The new kitchen cabinetry is 95% installed with a few minor tweaks / adjustments still to come. The bench tops and splash backs are being installed Wednesday with the plumbing being completed then too. The new Limed Oak flooring looks fantastic!

Paint colours have been updated, Mum selecting various strengths of Dulux Hogs Bristle throughout and built in robes created in all bedrooms; the joint wall between Beds 1 and 2 cleverly sharing the space to actually increase floorspace in both rooms.

The main bathroom has had most fixtures installed, Wednesday will see the vanity top arrive along with the custom made mirrored shaving cabinet.

Carpet laying is scheduled for a week's time, curtains due and then the outside deck will get a minor spruce up. Whew! 

Mum and Dad are true troupers, tonight 'glamping' in the home they've very comfortably lived in for 50 years, temporarily without kitchen bench tops or sink and without a word of complaint!

My hat's off to you both...
....oh, and Christmas can be at your place!....

x KL 

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So much going on here, please accept an apology for my absence! Mum and Dad's reno is drawing to a conclusion and yesterday they returned home after an extended stay with us. 
More deets and pics to follow!

Of course the biggest news tonight is the wait for election results here in Australia. 

 Am glued, unusually, to the televised progress. So far, so good! Yay!

x KL 

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