Bits 'n Bobs AND a progress report

 School holidays have started here (Whoop! Whoop!) and my gorgeous nieces, aka the Glamourzons, nephew and SIL are visiting. YAY!
We're in a mess house wise, but who cares? ! We're planning on an overseas jaunt to Asia with them next year so we'll be dreaming and scheming....

The house progress is continuing. I'll do a YOTH update soon. At this point there's lots of quote gathering and budget balancing. Boring but practical foundations for getting the house finished! 

The carpet has FINALLY been ordered and although the 6-9 week lead time seems excessive, (slow boat from from New Zealand!) the time frame will probably suit us well.

I chose Cavalier Bremworth Inscape (pictured left) for all the upstairs areas and also for the insert piece in the family room, located on entry level. A less dense, shorter napped version called Verve (above, right) will go in the downstairs bedrooms to help us stay within our newly formed budget. It's the same colour (why they look different in the pics is beyond me) and both are solution dyed nylon for colour fastness and durability.

 The main bedroom robe fit out is complete and I'm slowly 'moving' things into it and unpacking stored clothes (many which no longer fit me...*sob*) 8 bags for Vinnies and counting!

I decided on simple white laminate, without drawers, which was cost effective. I added one drawer only to a 'dressing table' area. (The missing bit on the left in the image above is now fitted!) The drawers in our last home's WIR were used mostly for shoes and since we I have a designated shoe cupboard, I thought the open shelves would suffice. And of course we have bedsides and a beautiful bone-inlay chest in the main bedroom too!

I'm considering fitting the dressing table drawer with jewelery trays for ease of access. The pics on the left below, are from the 'Stackers' range available from Howard's Storage World. My inspiration  image is on the right...

 The range from HSW is limited, but an online search revealed a plethora of configurations available from UK and US stockists via Fishpond.com.au. Has anyone bought via them? Comments?

Some artwork has arrived here too in readiness for the project wrap up....(LMFAO!
Frustratingly, I think it's wise to not unwrap the African painting (had been on layby for eons..) nor the recently framed Kara Rosenlund print as they're better protected from the persistent dust as they are. 'Gilbert' has been slotted into a cost-effective  Country Road ready-made frame in preparation for J's bedroom.

Calm Before                                                                                 Muhammad Ali Miami 1961

My recent infatuation with Trevor Mein's photographic artwork and our fiscal predicament led me to purchasing 'Calm Before' on a whim (well, not really... I posted about it HERE) and, oops! 
 It's OK, and will fill a spot, but ultimately, I already know it's no substitute. Which leads me to the Powder room art quandary I posted about recently. 
What do you think of the Muhammad Ali underwater, boxing training artwork??? 
Ticks a few boxes....?

We have found a new tiler (Alleluia!) and I am SO excited about him starting in a few weeks. All further progress seems to hinge on him doing his bit - first! 
Renderers are engaged to start in a week and the scaffolding has been erected in preparation, so we are all systems go with finishing the exterior.

And on a family finale...both our nest leavers are on the move again, so we'll be shuffling and storing lots of additional bits 'n pieces. Gotta laugh....
Never a dull moment!

x KL

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Compromise has been a dirty word as far as this build has been concerned. I regarded it with the same contempt and revulsion as the word Budget. 
 The truth is...I have ignored the so called 'elephant' in the house room. 
What we've still got to do, to complete this project, and what money we have to do it with, do not equate. We were happy to 'do' bits as finances allowed but to be honest, David and I are a bit over it. 
If I want to get this project over-the-line and, want to enjoy living here with all the planned amenities, then I've got to get serious about my attitude to both words; Compromise and Budget.

Now, never fear, I'm not talking about any near-enough is good-enough caper. No. Definitely not.

But I am considering....

Do I need to spend $18K on carpet? Could I live with the a lower density version for $10K?
Can I buy a Bunnings stick-on mirror for behind the door to the WIR instead of having the door back professionally mirrored? (It would look soooooo good....)
Should I fit the three built-in desks to the kid's bedrooms with laminate tops, not stone as planned?
Can I live with blinds only in the living areas? Do I need window coverings here at all?
Would painted block retaining walls look acceptable compared to stone clad versions?
Will a coloured concrete driveway be aesthetically acceptable v's pavers?
Can a painted display niche look as good as a mirrored one?
Can I use freestanding joinery pieces instead of custom joinery for the playroom, office and lounge?
Can I compromise on my vision and furnish more economically with similar-look items?
Do we need the security system and intercom that are wired for, but not installed?

Unless of course, I find one of these....

x KL

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Another room finished!!!!!

 Woop! Woop!

J's Bathroom / Powder room is officially complete...

(OK....there may be some electrical work and cleaning to still attend to, LOL) but I had to share!

I did a Detailing Post on this wee room back HERE, which shows the plans and inspiration behind the room. It has been fitted out very inexpensively, which was also explained previously.
So, (insert Drum roll....) here are the pics...

Image taken from the doorway... excess grout muck still to be cleaned from floor. Niche-fitted blind to be installed. Ordered in white but should have chosen black. Might re-order I think. ?

Some nocturnal 'Ninja' tree trimming will restore a beautiful beach vista from the window. He He. Under floor heating requires hook up.

Dummy Run for proposed kitchen cabinetry colour and finish, in this custom vanity; Matte 2-pac. Quite happy with results and fingerprinting seems OK. Handles on vanity bought (one sitting in possy) but not attached.

There was supposed to be a shampoo shelf niche but Davey 'forgot'. Bugger.
 This little shelf will have to do! Love the frame less shower screen!

Functioning as J's bathroom AND as a guest Powder room, I need to find some art / accessories that are youthful, masculine and suitable for both users. Yikes!

Please excuse Moi in the shower, trying to look invisible, whilst snapping this pic!

 Not sure why the drawer under the vanity can't be closed atm. ? 
Choosing the colour of the vanity joinery and top was excruciating. The marble was 'browner' than I thought once laid, and in reality, is much darker than these images. Trying to 'match' the stone with another piece of stone for the vanity top was impossible (God knows, I tried!!!!)

And so we're onto finishing the next room: our main bedroom ensuite!

Here's a sneak peek...

Rogerseller Cloud Cover Shower. *sigh*

x KL

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detailing: laundry / kitchenette

 I haven't done a house building, detail post for a long time. I've found these posts helpful to keep track of our decisions and ongoing direction. The middle level of our house, where we are living, is completed from a structural view but not finished in terms of flooring, joinery or styling. We're sort of 'glamping' till we move upstairs and then, the vacated areas can be completed.
I'm currently seeking quotations for the laundry / kitchenette so I thought a post on this multi-task space would be pertinent. Below are our plans for this space:

LEFT: Council Plans                                                             RIGHT: Modified design
 When I first designed this area, I deliberately excluded pool toilet facilities. I thought the close proximity of the main bathroom would suffice. When construction started however, I reviewed this idea. Wet feet inside, on slippery polished marble floors, is not a good idea. 
I altered the layout of the  main bathroom and shuffled the space in the proposed laundry to accommodate an externally accessed W.C. This wee little room is complete, as pictured below:

New plan

Another upside of the new layout was that the laundry bench situated opposite the bi-fold windows became centred in relation to it. It now looks balanced when viewed from both inside and out. The linen cupboard was relocated under the stairs (pics HERE) which meant a serendipitous increase in size. Triple win! Yippee!

I asked David to build in alcoves for a fridge (F) and microwave oven (M/W) to allow the laundry to function as a bar / kitchenette when entertaining poolside.
I even managed to accommodate an externally accessed bar fridge for this purpose! The bench top will run through the bi-fold windows to create an external ledge / servery / bar. Mojito anyone?

Timber cladding to bar back was completed in January.
 Council would not allow us to have two kitchens in the house but a second microwave, sink and fridge are permissible. To this end I have purchased a Smeg convection / microwave / grill combi oven. Combined with our BBQ, cooking on this level should be easy and we can avoid traipsing up and down stairs.

Smeg Combi oven: SA45MCX2, Crema Perla Marble flooring and Oak veneer joinery.

The marble previously used in the downstairs bathrooms, (Crema Perla) will also be used on the laundry floor but in a larger 600 x 600 mm format. The floor will be heated for toasty toes in winter too.

There are two 'sides' to the laundry creating a galley effect. The window side will house the sink and dishwasher and I'm planning the joinery to be finished in 2 pac: Dulux Natural White (satin) to tie in with the bathroom joinery already in situ.

That light fitting has got-to-go! What was I thinking!!! ?
Above and below are images of our temporary laundry / cooking set up! Eeeek! 
 (The cabinetry was ripped out of a house David was demolishing). 

I'm contemplating finishing the lower cupboards on the laundry side with an Oak veneer to add some continuity with the oak flooring chosen for upstairs. Inspiration pic below:

There will be doors concealing the washer and dryer so when not in use, the hard working hub of the laundry will be invisible!  Like this but under bench only....

In between the washer and dryer I'm planning for an integrated laundry basket/s like this:

Not sure if I can fit one or two?

The bench tops on both sides are most likely to be made from white ceasarstone.
I've already bought the sink and tap...the sink I boasted about HERE and the tap was also an ex-display bargain!

The one thing I'm still very undecided on, is the wall treatment above the laundry side of the room.
I have entertained all the following ideas at some stage or other...






Another conundrum is this:

In EVERY laundry I've designed for ourselves, I've included a clothes drying rail. I always highly recommend these to clients too. But, the multi task nature of our room is not conductive, aesthetically with this very practical inclusion! Damn!!!
Pinterest to the rescue!!!!

I'm planning a retractable line from inside the broom cupboard to the wall opposite!

Nifty, eh?

One does have to be practical after all!

x KL

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you'll call me crazy ...

Whilst we are on a roll to complete our contemporary home, David and I spotted this wet and forlorn chair on a council collection pile down the road from us. The property was recently sold and suffered some damage in the recent storms.

I don't know why someone would discard such a beautiful chair. ? 
The frame is sturdy and the seat comfortable. Apart from the wet and worn upholstery, it's in good condition. Perfect for a new lease of life...

 What a fun little project to do between all the work required in finishing the ENTIRE house. 
Ba ha ha!!!!

All suggestions, how-to's, comments and links warmly welcomed!

x KL

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Photography as A R T

Have you noticed the popularity of photographic art at the moment?
It seems to be a trend popping up in all the Interior mags, as well as on Pinterest, telly reno shows and in professional styling. 

This style of art was peppered throughout the apartments of the last series of The Block and
I quite literally swooned over this piece by Trevor Mein, from Otomys:

Archival Photographic Print titled FridayFiveThirtyEight2008 by Trevor Mein
Unfortunately, I do not have a lazy $4 200 to buy it... *sob*
The print below, Calm Before from The Canvas Workshop, is more pocket friendly at one-tenth of the price though, and makes a similar impact. (I know... but could it suffice whilst saving? LOL)

The latest edition of online magazine, Adore Home showcases some photography from X 20x200 in a serene bedroom by Bonnie Hindmarsh (Three Birds Renovations)

Artwork: Waiting by Ian Baguskas
I think I'm drawn to the blue tones of water, ocean scenes in particular, due to our beach side location.
The Sea by Karla Rosenlund went straight to the top of my wish-list after I first came across this image in Domaine Home.

Limited Edition: The Sea Photographic Print
Of course, photography as art is not limited to this one subject!!! The imagination of the photographer is its only limitation.. Here are some more of my personal favourites:

The Real Estate Stylist: Pink Desert as seen on Reno Rumble

source unknown
Mursi From Mago / Ethiopia by Mario Gerth, 2009
Artwork by Leila Jeffreys

untitled 29/77 by Bill Henson
Eclectic as usual!

What do you think of photography as art in the home?
Are you a fan?

x KL

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