Rain Shower purchase! Yay!

 The main bedroom ensuite is progressing....and, you guessed it, slowly! 
It never ceases to amaze me how much timber is 'eaten-up' in adding niches, lowered ceilings and pelmets but details like these take a room from ordinary to extra-ordinary!
I've already purchased the majority of the P.C items, (mostly on sale) but the over-head rain shower needed immediate ordering to finalise the plumbing.

We first fell in love with the idea of an over head rain shower when staying at a Sydney hotel (can't remember which, The Westin rings a bell but I can't find a photo to confirm it!) 
And have seen many pictures since that have kept 'the dream alive'!

The 'dream' shower morphed into a newer beast in the mean time. Complete with LED lighting.

So off I went in search of our piece of tropical paradise.
Mmmmm... there's nothing like the 'B' word (that's 'Budget' for the uninitiated), to bring a fantasy and quickened pulse back under control.


So here we have it; the Rogerseller 'Cloud Cover'  ceiling mounted shower head. With LED lighting on LHS (Aaahhh....), same sans LED on RHS.... that one's mine and, I think I can still afford soap!

x KL

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