Solidifying the Kitchen Plan

 David was home yesterday having a rare days rest, as he is dying unwell with the 'man flu'. It gave us the opportunity to have a lengthy discussion about our kitchen plans in an attempt to firm up the design. 
Which we did. Yay! 
This has meant a few tweaks to the last kitchen post and the ordering of a freestanding range.

The sink will now be sited in the island (I really wanted it on the rear wall) as the flow and function will be improved. Practicality took precedence over aesthetics!

This decision now being considered as definite, we started to seriously consider our cooking options, particularly in relation to that awful 'B' word; budget. We decided to leave the Miele wall mounted oven in the laundry / kitchenette as it will be practical there when entertaining on the lower level. 
The Barazza Abey Lab cooktop (which has been residing on the wish-list forever) has been permanently struck off. *sob. In it's place, we reasoned that for similar outlay, we can buy a 900mm Freestanding Range.

Say hello to our new baby. It hasn't got the one and a half ovens that I would have liked (had a St George one twenty years ago and loved it!) but it has a Tepenyaki plate to soothe the disappointment. It's made by Smeg, a brand I've had no personal experience with, but it looks good and was within budget...

One of the main reasons I was so enamoured with the LAB cooktop was because all components sat totally flush within the benchtop. David thinks he will be able to place the range lower than the benchtop height (planned to be higher than standard), to achieve the same or similar visual effect. Hooray!

my poor rendering of changes and decisions!
Another MAJOR conclusion to our day was to alter the proposed back bench surface material. We had stainless steel in our last house and never really considered anything else for here (we both LOVED it!) but, with the sink re-located, we can still have a seam free surface without custom Stainless steel. Black stone (Composite or Granite) will probably look better with the black joinery (laminate, veneer or two-pac?) and be kinder on the hip pocket. Decision made. Pinterest image of the look we're after below:

The microwave will now be located underbench. Probably on the left hand side of the rear run of joinery. I'm looking into the price of a small combi oven; convection / microwave / grill to augment the big range. It would probably get more use unless we were entertaining!

We did some research into the shallow pantry / office space door options too and after initially considering a sliding mechanism have decided on bi-fold doors for this. They look soooo much better closed and wont impede on the walkway as much as I feared. Mine will be handle-less though with a simple pull or shadow recess to open. Like these:

What isn't resolved in the pictures above is easy corner access so I will have a push-catch, secret panel to open the cupboard space in the corner. Look closely in the image below to see what I'm planning!

Kitchen designed by Minosa Design
Neat, eh? !

There's still two major quandaries.
What splashback material to choose and whether I'll stick to my guns about the dark finish.
EVERYONE is trying to talk me out of it, to go instead the safe white route!

Stay tuned!

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my luxe lust list # 6: ... marble

Marble is an absolute classic and timeless material. It screams Luxe in every setting and is currently enjoying an enormous resurgence in popularity, not only in traditional use (tile, slab, object) but also newly  interpreted in everything from contemporary artworks to fashion fabrics.

I've always lusted after Calcutta Marble and have few decor pieces that have whet my appetite. Our main en suite floor will soon (I Hope!) feature its grey and white goodness and I'm still wishfully imagining the proposed kitchen island to be topped with a cool, honed slab.

The floors in the lower level of our house are marble (Crema Perla) but the current trend in Marble is for White or Black and veined in monochromatic tones. The best thing about a product becoming 'on trend' is that main street stores add it to their seasonal inventory, and often at very reasonable price points too! This is happening here at the moment with all the larger retailers stocking some form of marble ware.

1. Cheese Board $39.95 Freedom
2. Lisa T Clock $70 Target
3. Hand poured Soy Candle Candlelit & Co
 4. Pillar Table Lamp $289 West Elm
 5. Metro Table Lamp $149 Freedom

I love (and prefer) online shopping, but in a rare day popping into some local stores, found marble items everywhere. Not online yet but in store, I found (and may have bought! he he) beautiful marble bathroom accessories at Domayne, Freedom and Pillowtalk. Freedom had (in addition to the items pictured above) some gorgeous house-shaped paperweights too.

I really like being able to add small touches of this luxe material to my home but with greater outlay, comes greater impact. Below are some of my favourite Pinterest inspirational images...

Missed any of my other Luxe Lust Lists? Catch up here:

1. Hermes Blankets
2. Eames Walnut Stools 
3.Eero Saarinen Tables
4. Fur Throws
5. Leopard Print

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2015; Year of the Yang

 Whilst here we are calling 2015 The Year of The House, today marks the start of 15 days of celebration for the Chinese New Year, 2015 being The Year of The Yang.

So what is Yang?

According to William H. Baxter, Professor of Chinese Linguistics in the University of Michigan, the answer is not easy. "Since there is no exact equivalent in English for yángnián 羊年 (Year of the Yáng), I suppose there will always be an ambiguity. This is not unusual when translating from one language to another."

Professor Lingchei Letty Chen, an expert in Modern Chinese language and literature from the Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, US says "In Chinese, 'yang' is a genetic word to mean sheep/goat/ram, so yes, there's always the ambiguity when comes to translating the word."

Well however you interpret it, from my home to yours:


gong xi fat cai!

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Year of The House 2015

House Progress here is painstakingly slow (yup, typical Builder's Home!) so in a lame attempt to motivate ourselves, I've hijacked Elsee Blog author, Laura's 2015 mantra: Year of The House 2015 or #YOTH15 for short. The concept is simple; list, tick off and post achievements so when the year concludes, a lovely collection of achievements can be found. 
H o p e f u l l y . 
2015 is THE year to get things done!

Pic via Laura from Elsee Blog

 I'm reminding myself daily that THIS IS THE YEAR and trying to be proactive accordingly! So, on the bandwagon, joiner as I am, here are our January / February #YOTH achievements. (*pats self!)

Timber flooring for the upper level and ducted vacuum system purchased. 
Some eave soffit linings installed. 
Main Bedroom ensuite floor screed laid. 
The bar-front under the bi-fold window area was finished. 
Deets HERE.

Not the best photos....
Ducted Vacuum System installed. Ye Ha! No more lugging a vacuum about! And sh*t that thing can suck!!!!
Roller Blinds installed in Playroom, Main Bedroom, Ensuite and J's bedroom.
Timber Flooring delivered, including custom made stair treads.

Our tiler is booked for tomorrow so my fingers are firmly crossed I can add more to this list very soon!
We've even dug the bath out of storage in delicious anticipation! LOL!

Renovating? Building? Got some House Projects to complete?
Join in! #YOTH15
(also on instagram of course!)

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Valentine's Day Truth

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In - console - able

 Well, impatience has got the better of me and I've been shopping for an elusive furniture item for the still not finished house. Again. Ooops!
We have an alcove at the top of the stairs that is pretty vital interiors-wise, as it's the fist thing to be seen after entering the house and arriving, via the stairs, at the upper main living area.

                      LEFT: Council plans                                                                  RIGHT: Modified design with alcove
I've posted about our House Plans before, specifically the changes I made and why we created this alcove HERE. I want the furnished alcove to really have that 'WOW' factor and have had my heart set on a rustic console to contrast with the contemporary architecture and dark wall.

Well, here's my Progress Report:

An existing console, temporarily residing in the entry has turned legs and is way too 'country' for this house and the alcove. It serves a function for now but will be put into storage.

Bought on sale, this Freedom console I bought HERE is just too small for the scale of the room. Luckily, a girlfriend is considering buying it from me.

 This antique console was bought via eBay. It is stunning but, eeek.... too big! Will try to find somewhere else to showcase this beauty.

 So, last weekend I bought this Chinese console off Gumtree and Eureka! Perfect size, style and scale BUT...
Looking up underneath it as you walk up the stairs is less than impressive. Another FAIL!

 Soooo, I'm now back to square one with the alcove. David has suggested a low sideboard with drawers but I think I'll struggle to get something to fit within the shallow depth of 420 mm (the alcove is 2100 mm wide).
 I had a custom designed unit priced and may need to go that route but I really like the look of rustic timber against the dark wall.

Any ideas?

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