Happy Halloween!

For everyone celebrating Halloween, I hope you have a wonderful time!

x KL

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Ho Ho Ho! Off to shopping we go!

Do you buy Christmas presents early or shop at the last minute?
My youngest sister LL always leaves shopping for all her presents to the last possible minute, often Christmas Eve. Eeeek! I would be so stressed! I've completed probably 60% of my list now. I really like spreading the cost over several months too as I have a lot of people to buy for.

 This is LL's Christmas gift. (I don't think she reads my blog) They are Iittalia bowls from Peter's of Kensington. The colours are divine and they match the mugs that I bought her last year which I know she loved. I honestly believe you could do ALL your Christmas shopping online at this store and mostly, their prices are discounted! A few clicks and your done. Gotta love that!

I am one of three daughters and we're all quite 'artsy'. Every year we compete with one another with our gift wrapping. It's quite a unique tradition! LOL! I love spending Christmas Eve with a glass of champagne and tizzing up my wrapping so hopefully my shopping will be finished weeks before the 'big day'!

How's your 'list' coming along? Covered in ticks or barely written?

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Thank you for stopping by my blog. You are very welcome and encouraged to comment; I love receiving feedback! It helps me get to know you too! 


I'm in a bit of a quandary; your place or mine?

I'm in a bit of a quandary.
I feel I'm still very new to blogging and would dislike to naively show no etiquette with my posts.
I've learnt how to attribute images to their source (Yee Ha!) and create links to refer interested readers to further information. (I thought I was a bloody legend when I worked that out!)
But, my problem now is with comments.

Do I reply to your generous feedback (I so appreciate your time!) on my own blog? (This is what I have been doing; mostly because the 'chain' of the discussion makes more sense)
Do I pop over to your blog to reply to you? (And then I know you're going to get my reply and not vainly presume you'll check back to see?)

I love it when I see a box that I can mark to receive e-mailed further replies on a comment chain but I don't offer this as I don't know how to do it. (Do you? Please share!)

What's your opinion / What do you do?

Thank you for stopping by my blog. You are very welcome and encouraged to comment; I love receiving feedback! It helps me get to know you too! 

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Name a 9 year old boy who wouldn't love this...

 God help me!!! - How cool is this?
Appropriate for Halloween now and ticking all my boxes for a young man's bedroom. I'm thinking a massive painting for re-sale though! (I'm still waiting for the Vivienne Westwood Union Jack wall paper to be delivered so I'm bored and onto another idea! Eeeek!)
Photo courtesy of Remodelista

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Thank you for stopping by my blog. 
You are very welcome and encouraged to comment; I love receiving feedback! It helps me get to know you too!


I don't shop ALL the time....

 I was having a squizz at my own blog today and realised that I talk about shopping - a lot! 
So to prove I do have my thrifty side I thought I'd show you a roadside find. This sweet double cane chair was literally four houses away from me and my darling hubby carted it home for me in the rain!

 And in the 'throw out' pile he found a little matching side table too.

I'm going to attempt to paint them glossy black (or, surprise...maybe white!). I've been inspired by Jane at Salvation Jane.
I'm asking Santa for a very basic sewing machine for Christmas so I'll try to sew some upholstery for it myself!
They may end up on my council clean up pile in a few months! LOL! Watch this space!

Oh and BTW the nail polish has faded in an icky way. Mmmm. Going to try Shellac next!

x KL


US shopping...more success!

 Remember my Moth Design blog recommendation ? I became particularly enamoured with Erica's tiny glass bud vases and ceramic urchin votive. She displayed tiny clusters of them in many rooms throughout her home.

Moth Design - En suite cart

Moth Design - Main Bedroom bedside table; I loved those bud vases!

 I found that they were still available at Velocity Art & Design and used my trusty US forwarding service, MyUS to get them shipped here to Australia! Yippee!!! And here they are in Australia - simply perfect!
Above & Below: sweet little urchin vases

My new ceramic urchin votives from US store Velocity.
x KL


Life's a Circus!

Not too bad for an iPhone pic
  We went and saw the Lennon Bros Circus perform at Gosford on Thursday night. It was two hours of fast-moving action and very entertaining. One of my dearest friends has a son Drew, who is a clown / acrobat and trapeze artist in the show. Seeing him perform was absolutely delightful! I was so proud of him! I haven't seen a circus for yonks and I thoroughly recommend this! It had us belly-laughing, oohing, aahing and holding our breath as only an old fashion travelling show can. 
The acrobatic performances were simply amazing and the two hours sped by so quickly!
Drew was telling us about the continuing controversy that the 'exotic' animals create with some councils banning them. This show included two big cats, a monkey, llamas, camels and ponies.
The delighted squeals from the children generated from these acts were incredible. We saw healthy, happy and loved animals performing very short, concise routines that were in no way derogatory or humiliating to the animal. Just clever.

What's your opinion on this? A fan or against it? I'd love to know.

My boys enjoyed this old fashioned arcade game too!

No nets for the tight-rope walker!
Hope you have a great weekend!
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Skull desires and weird idiosyncrasies

 Am still on my skull hunt. I think. I stumbled upon this picture that was stored in an old archived folder and it has re-ignited my desire to have one outstanding skull 'sculpture', to go somewhere! How gorgeous is this shot!? I'm in lurve with that lounge too!
Apparently, Hubby has an Uncle that has a livestock farm where we could find a nice skull, with horns, for the time it would take to visit and FWD through the paddocks but ....as nice as nix sounds, the association with reality makes me feel a bit squeamish!
(I love meat but can't consume a fish I've caught or a lobster from a restaurant tank that I've seen! Give me plastic wrap - supermarket denial all the way!!!)
Ok... I shared, your turn. What weird idiosyncrasies do you harbour?

x KL


Finally; some sunshine!

Copacabana Beach on Monday
 What a beautiful weekend!!!! Saturday working on house and we had a soccer team picnic on Sunday at The Haven, Terrigal. We had just divine weather for it. I snapped this on Monday at our local beach (One minute from our place) which I drive past every day on my way to school drop off. No wonder my little man would rather stay home than attend school!
F.Y.I. my nails are still perfect! I'm SOOO converted!
What did you do this weekend?

x KL


Gel nails & pool progress!

Please ignore scaly old hand!!!
  I went to 'The Big Smoke' on Friday. I accompanied a friend to a specialist doctor's appointment and then we hit Ikea... as you do! AMAZINGLY we spent very little ( but of course we didn't leave empty handed! Duh!) and we then had time for a mani and pedi. Yay! I love having a regular pedicure in spring / summer. (I can't see the value in winter! Hello.... boots, sneakers & uggies!) I never have polish when I have a manicure though because within 2 hours I've chipped it! (Sorry, FF!) Always! And I hate chipped polish more than I hate hang nails! So, on Friday I tried a 'Gel nail'. See pic above - it's Saturday night and they're still intact! Amazing. I'm a convert!And they reckon they'll last two weeks! Wow! I do look so much more posh! Ha!  They took AGES to do though, and I was so over-it by the end! LOL!!!

 And.... this is what the hubby's been doing today... steeling up the pool! Major Yay! First time there's been any action at e ol' hacienda in yonks!!! 
What are you up to this weekend???
  x KL


h e l l o . . . f s m fans! Student help required!

I've been told no further information is required to 'spread the word' re our M's need for a sound designer to complete his final U.T.S. assessment. I'm hoping there is someone 'out there' who may have the skills to assist or be able to pass this request on to another who may! 
Thank you!

x KL


I so LOVE a good idea!

 Do you love a good idea? I designed the entry to my current house to look like this. Been in the mind plan for a few years now. The big Budget curse hit and Mmmm......... It didn't happen for me..... but for a client? Yee Ha! Happy to assist!
Looks damn good, eh!?

x KL


Union Jack triump!

 I've blogged before about my love of Vivienne Westwood's Union Jack rug and cushion for The Rug Company. I simply adore the rug used as a piece of striking art as shown below. Unfortunately my budget is never going to stretch to owning one of these (even the cushion is exorbitant!) and I had toyed with the idea of painting my own canvas to get a similar effect.

Vivienne Westwood Union Jack rug used as a wall hanging
This is where patience can sometimes pay off! Today I found this gorgeous picture of Jessica Bettenay's dining room on The Design Files. "Jessica had the Vivienne Westwood wallpaper mounted and displayed." Did you read that???? WALLPAPER!!!! Now that sounds much more affordable! Hooray!!! 
(And it proves you should always read the text accompanying the pictures!!! LOL!)

Jessica Bettenay's Dining room - Courtesy of The Design Files
I'm thinking of using the wallpaper as mounted art in my son's bedroom after being inspired by Erica Cook's design for her sons room below. (Moth Design)

Master Moth's bedroom from Moth Design

I might hang it vertically though as it's so large! 2700 x 1500 mm! Do you like flags used in boys bedrooms?
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Once in a life time phenomenom! Really.

Strike me lucky! Howzat for a bloody photo!!!!! Eh?

(Unfortunately it's not mine). Photo credits to follow.... BUT... last night my family and I experienced the same rare phenomenon. Bioluminescent dinoflagellates ....

After seeing 'Johnny English Reborn' at the movies we headed to Hog's Breath Cafe in Terrigal for dinner. This was followed with customised ice-cream desert from Cold Rock for the children (9 - 23 years of age!) and a walk across the road to the beach to watch a spectacular lightning storm on the horizon.
My dodgy but 1st snap at what seemed 'other worldly'!

Little J was the first to see a flash of a 'weird' blue glowing wave and Smash (daughter #2) and her BF - R, went to investigate at a closer proximity.
 I only had my iPhone but tried videoing anyway. Keep with me guys.... till the end!

This is my iPhone video of  Terrigal Beach, Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia. To any international readers; I am so sincerely sorry for my vulgar 'Aussie twang'. It was so impromptu! I do so love my two daughter's 'gentlemen' suitors though giving their explanations for the glowing blue waves, and to their credit, (a photographer I am not) what we saw was 10 000 x MORE INCREDIBLE than this teeny shot. The "flashes to the left" turned out to be other photographers further down the beach. 

(You may need to play it 3x to see it... Eeeek! It's there though. Promise!)

Aaaand....PLEASE dis-regard my final Min Min comment....(If you're into wierd stuff though it makes an interesting thing to Google! He he!) I got a bit carried away with the moment, how strange it was and I may have had two generous glasses of wine with dinner!

Ok.  Now about snap 1 & 4: 2009 Gippsland Lakes in Australia.

"A group of friends caught this beautiful and rare phenomenon; an unusually high concentration of Noctiluca scintillans (Bioluminescent dinoflagellates), a bioluminescent microorganism taking place right under them. As the water turned bright, glowing, ethereal blue, photographer Phil Hart was there to document the amazing display. The Melbourne-based photographer marvels at how fortunate he was to see this phenomenon. Not only is it a rare sight at this particular location; it is highly unusual to see this concentration of bioluminescent organisms anywhere in the world. The magical event was truly a breathtaking displays of nature’s unexpected beauty."

Apparently we've experienced a once in a lifetime phenomenon. WOW!
Aren't you glad I shared it with you... 'twang and all!!! ?

Regardless of all scientific explanation; I am expecting lots of 'cuddle nights' from J because of possible alien invasion! LOL!!!.Hope you enjoy this unusual post!

x KL


T.G.I.F !

Miriam Fanning

 Aaahh, my new favourite designer!
I lurve that rug! Very similar to the one I spotted and drooled over HERE.
Have a lovely weekend!

x KL


Black + White: decoration favourite 2011

Miriam Fanning

 I spent some lovely time perusing all the Top 50 rooms selected by House & Garden Magazine for their annual article. And I don't know if it's just me, but there seemed to be a predominance of my favourite combination of black and white. Irrespective of style, this timeless duo added drama and sophistication to each space. Looks like I've backed a winner!

Steven Domoney

Kerry Phelan

Michael Suttor

Alischa Herrmann

Eid K Goh, Albert Mo

Tom Ferguson

Helga ten Brummelaar

Hellen Pappas

Diane Bergeron

Makedonka Del-Ben

Tim Penny
Greg Natale

x KL

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs
1955 - 2011

October - Breast cancer awareness month in Australia!

Photo courtesy of The Australian Breast Cancer Council
This disease has affected me, my mother, three dear friends (one male) and my immediate family and so, every October I'm reminded of how lucky we are to be here. From the Australian Breast Cancer Foundation I have cut and pasted the following advice:

"Women of all ages should be familiar with the normal look and feel of their breasts. If you notice any of the following changes please see your doctor immediately.

• A lump, lumpiness or thickening
• Changes in the skin of a breast, such as puckering, dimpling or a rash
• Persistent or unusual pain
• A change in the shape or size of a breast
• Discharge from a nipple, a nipple rash or a change in its shape
There are also some simple steps you can take to minimise your cancer risk.

• Eat for health
• Maintain a healthy body weight
• Be physically active, on most, preferably all days
• Limit your alcohol intake
• Get checked - women
• Get checked - men

Further information and direct links to the Australian Cancer Council can be found HERE.

And, if you'd like to donate to this worthy cause, please follow this link - HERE

Every donation, big or small, helps make a real difference to all those affected. The money donated will help fight breast cancer through education and prevention programs, support services and world-class cancer research.

x KL


#9. Room with a view!

Photograph by Kata Bayer courtesy House & Garden

Remember how I raved about the very talented architects Steven Isaacs and Lisa Saville, (Architecture Saville Isaacs) who designed a recently completed construction project of my husband? (Check it out HERE if you missed it). Well, when I opened the much anticipated November issue of House & Garden Magazine, I was delighted to see a room designed by Steven and Lisa included in the magazine's annual Top 50 rooms / best interiors for 2011.

Congratulations guys!

  Click on the Top 50 rooms link above to see the other 49 exceptional spaces and talented designers that made this years round up!

x KL


A new favourite blog!

 I thought I'd share with you a blog (or three) I discovered recently and have had enormous enjoyment from, both in viewing new, and past postings. Designed by Interior designer, Stylist and single mum of five boys, Erica Cook.  From her own beautiful home to carefully curated pictures; this blog is a visual delight and Ms Moth has got style aplenty to share! Don't take my word for it though; check it out HERE.

A taste of Ms Moth's gorgeous bedroom!

Her lounge room is a work in progress. Do you spot the Hermes throw? Drool!

One of master Moth's bedrooms. Styling for boys? No problem for this talented Mum!

This is the photo that attracted me to Moth Design. Perfection and very, very clever.

Ms Moth even makes loo paper storage artful!

Erica's inspirational pictures are always gorgeous!

 And.... if that's not enough, this talented dynamo has two other blogs of equal merit.

A lovely picture from Little Moth

Oh, yes please! Image from Luxe Life


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