Good 'ol gut instincts

Well, the first pic is my screen saver. It has been so for..... oooh, over twelve months. Do I notice it anymore?
(awkward pause)
Yes! Today!
Life is fraught with indecision and worry . With 'What if's?'. I'm always asking my girls, "what's your gut telling you?' when they come for advice.
I'm hearing it now too. So today, I also re-visited my mantra:

and.... am just going to get on with it!!!
Oooh, the children will be happy!
(I 'm thinking a lottery ticket may be in order too.?)


Oh Dear....

I LOVE Japan.  We have hosted two of the most beautiful exchange students in our home that have become additional daughters. Now my eldest and Beau (both studying the language at university) have booked their 'lifetime' trip. How do I dissuade them? What's in store. I feel sick with worry but they are resolutely determined to go in June. Of course they re supported by their Japanese friend's encouragements. I'm overwhelmed with worry and it is consuming me. Who cares about flooring decisions?!!!


When The World Is More Important

I started this blog, inspired by others, to share and encourage collusion on design dilemmas. Life often, it seems. gets in the way of  well intentioned projects! It feels inappropriate to be focused on anything else than this at the present.