Styled to perfection....

Another beautiful project brought to completion!
It was so hard to snap finished rooms without people popping into the view finder!!!

Credits to the talented team:

Steven Isaacs and Lisa Saville Architecture Saville Isaacs

David Workman DRW Constructions

If you'd like to know the source of any item just let me know.

 x KL


Playroom lounge!

Well, I finally bit the bullet and ordered my lounge for the playroom. The inspiration for the room came from the picture above. I had wanted to buy a white leather modular and found this one at Plush that fitted the space. I loved the fact it looked 'light' due to being raised off the floor on stainless steel legs and, it was super comfy too!

Eeeek, dodgy i-phone snap!

I was very restricted size-wise by the doorway seen on the right in the picture of the space below.

I decided against the white leather in the end. Our ivory leather suite gets dirty so easily and this lounge was for a playroom! So I considered fabric instead:

This is a gorgeous lounge from Freedom Furniture. It was far too big to be considered but I loved the 'tweed' fabric! My deciding factor though was what I would be placing in the adjacent formal lounge. I'd love a new, dark velvet modular but I have two white fabric 2.5 seater lounges that I can't justify replacing. (I know, that 'B' word again!)
So... I decided on charcoal velvet for the playroom!
I ordered the same model as the white leather one shown above but chose the fabric from a teeny sample and am really confident that I've made the right choice. As a sweetener too, Plush had 20% off their fabric sofa range when I ordered!
Happy days!!!

x KL


Crossing another thing off the wish-list!

I received this today (another delivery!!!). I ordered it from Third Drawer Down. It is a 95 x 95cm,  "Art History" silk scarf with the same typography as the limited edition print (105 x 74 cm - medium) by Vuk Vidor. I've been eyeing off the print for awhile but at $550 unframed, it was going to stay on the wish list a bit longer. The scarf version is similar in size but at $95 it was definitely more do-able! I still have to frame it though! Below are some interior pictures where this or other versions have been used to great effect!

Joseph Dirand Architecture

I spied this in Josh & Jenna's lounge room on 'The Block'!

Finalising my (LOL- J's!) playroom lounge choice too. Will post about it soon! Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!

x KL


Favourite online shopping destinations

When I was recovering from my recent surgery I spent a great deal of time on the computer.
I bought these two timber vases from Country Road Online
 I embraced online shopping like there was no tomorrow and spent hours shopping for all manner of things; clothes, home wares and bed linen to name a few.
Oroton 'Akala' Mini bag. And it was on sale!!!!Yee Ha!
All items arrived perfectly and it was so exciting to hear the courier vans pull up with a new delivery! It's just sooo easy to purchase via a simple click of a mouse!

King bed, 'San Marco Ottawa' from Pillowtalk. A nice change for the guest bedroom.

Unfortunately virtual shopping manifests into reality once the credit card / bank statements arrive! Eeeek!

Are you embracing online shopping or do you need to see / feel before buying? On the Central Coast of New South Wales where I live, designer retail experiences are restricted, if not non-existent.  Shopping online is the only way I can source many items. Here are some of my favourite online stores:

Top 3 by Design
Australia's design store offering award winning top design products, gifts, wish lists and even a wedding register. I can spend hours online here!

Peters of Kensington
A favourite retail and online store, with categorised catalogues, photos and mostly discount prices. I've signed up for the weekly newsletters so I know when what I want is on sale. They have an extensive product list and great range of Alessi gear too. I must buy from here at least once every six weeks! It's a great Christmas one - stop -shop and, they do the wrapping!

Country Road
We don't have a Country Road home wares shop close by so I buy online. I've always loved their womenswear, menswear, kidswear and accessories. Their aesthetic is very simple / modern with on trend colours and great quality for outlay.
Pony Rider
Ponyrider is a boutique home wares brand using photography and typography on their unique range of products. I love their quirky aesthetic - it's something different, 'hand made' in feel and taps into that modern yet retro trend so popular at the moment.

Third Drawer Down
Third Drawer Down is both a product design agency and a shop selling a variety of weird and wonderful objects. I love popping in here (online of course) for a terrific range of high-quality, limited-edition tea-towels designed by artists.

So, what have I missed? Any further suggestions? Do you have favourite on-line stores?

x KL


New Acquisitions!

I finally got round to purchasing this Pony Rider quilt for my 9 year old son's bedroom having previously bought the two cushions. I love how simple it is to decorate bedrooms by updating the bed linen! Now this is finalised, the rest of the room should be easy to put together. A little bit of a retro / industrial theme is developing and with quirky, fun accessories, this room should take him into his teens with style!

I had a lovely day shopping with my eldest daughter this week. She has re-booked her travel plans for Japan and we were doing some clothes shopping for summer and her trip. I was shocked to see the Myer Christmas shop being set up. Where the hell did the year go? Three months to Christmas! Eeeek!!!
So I purchased a Christmas gift; only a zillion now to go! Have you seen these?
They're Whisky Rocks and don't change the odour or flavour of the drink whilst keeping it cool and undiluted! Clever! (And a 'difficult' man present ticked off). Hoorah!!!!

I've also done more Bromley buying! (Well indecisive switching really). I originally purchased this one:

I still love the boys in boat scene but exchanged it for the flower one below. I don't know why really, and I hope I don't regret letting the 'boys' go. What do you think?

Have you started Christmas shopping? Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

x KL


General update!

My son's participation in 'The World's Greatest Shave' Team at his school has resulted in $4 872 collectively raised for the Leukaemia Foundation!  I'm so proud of him!
If you are able to, and would like to help them get to their $5000 target; click HERE!

The furniture has arrived to finish off a project of my hubby's. Today there were tradies everywhere  finishing off their bits for a Saturday handover. The very talented Lisa Saville, wife and other half of Architecture Saville Isaacs, co-ordinated the selection of the decor; predominantly from Mark Tuckey. I was an awed fan and general 'dog's-body' assisting where I could; fluffing bedlinen and sweeping debris!

No styling yet, just delivered and placed in general area

Pendants over the cantilevered bench, sliding glass to kitchen splash backs and up lighting finished!

Love these Mark Tuckey egg cup stools!

I just want to cull everything in my house now and start again (with Lisa's help)!

The bath's installed and mirrors are polished

Bunks in situ, love the individual reading lights and those stools... drool!

Every playroom should have a 'freckle' rug and blackboard table!
Will post the 'finished' photos when available but I hope you've enjoyed this peep at this project update!

x KL


Haven't seen this noggin for 8 years!

Well it's done. The 'team' were amazing! So far they've raised $4 706 for the Leukemia Foundation. (They were aiming for $5K)
A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has donated! If you haven't and would like to help them achieve their target, the link below will take you to the official site for donations. Every tiny contribution is appreciated and adds up!


Abbey leads the team and was SO brave today! Donating her long hair for wig making too!!!! 
It was hilarious seeing the 'boys' reaction to the process and result!

x KL