Playing Catch - up

 # 1. I purchased a double wash plane made from solid Ceasarstone! As an ex-display item it was a  $200 bargain (RR $6 000) too good to walk away from and one another house will benefit from!

# 2. Hello little fellow! This is an Southern Leaf Tail Gecko who has taken up residence in the garage!

# 3. Love these crisp black trimmed pillowcases! I bought them online from Harold's!

In house news, we have roofed two upstairs patio areas, the one off the dining room seen in image # 4. The tragedy of the missing palette of travertine (read the drama HERE) has been resolved, # 6. The stone supplier honouring the shortfall. Phew!

 An art project I started has hit a hick -up. #5. This is where it's at ATM. I'm not sure I like the severe contrast so am doing a smaller test canvas to see if I will paint over and start again or do a 'wash' over what I've done so far. Eeeek!

Easter has come and gone and J's return to school has coincided with an unseasonably late start to cooler autumn temperatures. # 7. A picture of J at 7:55 am, struggling to get out of bed on the first day back at school! 

# 8. I made a bird-cage cover with some gingham. It is really terribly pretty rough but does the job. Wine always assists in no-plan projects like these I feel...

# 9. The MKR series had us hooked and making our own pasta was something we wanted to try. Here's my shiny new toy; already transferred to a plastic storage container to keep all the 'bits' together. Wish me luck!

x KL

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