Bits & Bobs of my Blogging Hiatus!

It's been super busy around here lately...not so much with house progress unfortunately, but with life!

Poppy Project, Rotary Park GOSFORD
 After the horrendous fortnight of severe storm weather late last month, ANZAC day memorials were fortunately, appropriately spectacular.

Dawn Service with Gallipoli landing re-enactment at TERRIGAL
We went to Sydney in the afternoon to spend the remainder of the ANZAC weekend with Japanese friends who were visiting Sydney for the final few days of their whirlwind trip to Oz.

The last time I saw Nozomi was when she was billeted with us as an exchange student, 12 years ago!

My girls have visited her in Japan several times, so it was nice to be able to reciprocate her always generous hospitality. We met her mother too, who was her traveling companion. She kindly hosted my eldest daughter when she was an exchange student in Japan. Shizuko spoke no English, but we immediately had a strong  connection, and had a really fun weekend!

We had a lovely Mother's Day here, with our nest leavers visiting and spoiling me with a beautiful lunch. We took the opportunity to celebrate my daughter's boyfriends birthdays too, a 21st and 25th!
Love the photo below of the boys and Davo having a wee 'nanna nap' after the effort of making lunch!

It was disappointing to miss seeing my own mother as she (along with my father!) was isolated in hospital with pneumonia. They have both been so very sick, but are on the mend now, thank God!

Me dispensing lots of TLC to poor Mum!
 My son has become a teenager too (Eeeek!) so the birthday celebrations continued!
13! Where has that time gone!!!!?

Three 13th Birthday Celebrations...two to go!!!
Would never had foreseen that my baby (seen below playing PS1 with his sister) would be building his own customised PC for his thirteenth birthday!

And David's birthday is this Saturday. May's a very busy birthday month!

I've been back to hospital for some minor surgery which seems to have been unsuccessful. 
Hopefully I wont now need major surgery, but that's looking like a distinct possibility. Bugger.
Can still laugh at getting older though:

Progress on the house front is slow, as usual. One day a week is just not enough time for David to get any consistent work done, so we're considering employing some subcontractors to help. We have previously viewed this as a waste of our capitol (paying someone else to do what David can do for free) but we're both impatient to get the house finished. To this end we are obtaining quotes for the remaining work....

Carpet options. Decisions, decisions!
Hopefully, the second half of the year will be full of progress (YOTH15!) and frequent 'pretty pics' on the blog front as we complete areas.

Fingers and toes!!!!!

x KL

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