good advice

Have you ever given good advice to someone else and then realised YOU need to take heed yourself!? My advice was:  "If you really LOVE it, obtain it, otherwise you might miss out and things you truely LOVE fit together always!"
I learnt the hard way, and here's my proof! after previously finding some 'I love' decor pieces (see previous entries), I put them on the very long 'wish list' to later find they were unavailable when i was ready for them. Heartbreaking!
I recently had a win -win though! I found these Johnathan Adler ceramic candles on an Australian website at an exorbitant price.... so onto the wish-list they went. But I kept thinking of them! Dreaming of them! and I knew i Had to have them! So I found their US source.(Gotta love Google!)
The Johnathon Adler store was so reasonably priced (way less than half) and as our dollar is so good I got Soooo very excited! Deep breath..... their shipping fees were four times the item cost! Back to wishing again!!! But wait! There's more!
OK..... The end is coming!!!! Long story short! LOL! I Found a US Carrier (you get a US address for internal shipping; $10 joining fee) who then forwards to you. I got my candles, saved lots of money and am now hooked. Waiting for my second shipment. Hooray!!!!