Bits and Bobs...

 H e l l o  there!

I've been M.I.A. after misplacing my Bloggy Mojo.....and have been busy with life. 
It's all Groovy Baby! here again now though!
J's on school holidays (yay!) and we've been mooching about, doing nothing in particular!

Mum and Dad's reno is complete and I'll take some pics to share soon. The bathrooms and kitchen have been given aesthetic and practical ticks of approval whist the cosmetic updates have really freshened the whole mood of their home. Phew!
 Celebrations for my 50th birthday have been indefinitely postponed. The day came and went whilst we were all trying to digest poor follow up results regarding Dad's battle with Cancer. He's got more surgery to endure in the coming month.....every fibre of my being is crossed for a positive outcome.
But, hey! I'm happy to stay 49 awhile longer!

Unsurprisingly, nothing much has happened on our own home front, though I did find time to design  the following items which are currently being made:

  • The base of the coffee table posted about HERE is now being powder coated
  • A vanity for the guest ensuite is on order
(It will look similar to the one I had made for the main bathroom, below)

  • The mirrored shaving cabinet for the guest ensuite is on order
  • And a custom entertainment unit for the family room is being made too.

This means that there will be LOTS more to show & tell soon!!!!

x KL

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