Mother's Day; Present perfection...

It's not brain science but it has still taken me awhile to 'get it'. . .
I'm talking about organising the perfect Mother's Day present.

My mail box, email, pinterest, and blog feeds are all chock full of suggestions ATM that I always eagerly devour but likewise, always finish reading feeling disappointed. 

 I don't have a fashionista, cordon bleu, green-thumbed mum. She does not travel the world nor redecorate her abode each season. She does not wear makeup. Perfume gives her a headache.

She is, quite simply, a wonderful Mum and a Nana extraordinaire
An accomplishment that I can only aspire to.
 Oh, and she has a pretty awesome side-kick too!

In the past, I've bought Mum stuff for Mother's Day. Lots and lots of stuff.
When i analyse it, they were things I wanted, or things I had and I wanted her to have too.
Everything from diamonds to microwaves... and she was grateful, but...

I finally 'get it'

On Mother's Day I'm going to be at Mums.
For lunch or, maybe dinner.
Nothing fancy.
We'll just be.

The perfect Mother's Day.

x KL

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