BLOCK spoiler! Plans + Pictures

Like my wee expose HERE, I recently learnt that The Block apartments have been put on the market. Whilst the real-estate advertising does not show any images of  areas yet to be broadcast in the television series, (Kitchen and courtyards) they do give a tantalising peep of the exterior of the completed complex. I don't think seeing these will spoil my enjoyment of watching the remaining episodes but, if you feel otherwise....click away now!

The completed exterior of The Block 2015; 27 Darling Street, South Yarra.
 Quite a transformation!

All the advertising campaigns also showed floor plans of the contestant's units. I really liked seeing these as they helped me to 'make sense' of the flow and comparative sizes. I have also provided a link to the four Real Estate agencies employed to market the property. Click to read their sales blurb and see additional images.

UNIT 1: Charlotte and Joshua
Marketed by Hocking Stuart

 UNIT 2: Anastasia and Tim
Marketing by Biggin & Scott.

 UNIT 3: Jess and Aiden
Marketed by Gary Peer & Associates.

UNIT 4: Dea and Darren
Selling through Jellis Craig.

Also pictured is the DD's Dining Room which caused them allot of anguish during construction and was not broadcast finished. I think it has been well resolved!

David and I have been regular followers of The Block. We didn't engage with one series but tuned into the reveal episodes. I have mixed feelings for the show as The Triple Threat starts to wind down. The budgets available to the contestants are beyond the reach of the majority of viewers and the expectation / pressure to deliver return on investment is unpleasantly palatable. The contestant's skills and experience seemed unequal this round which made for uncomfortable viewing. Less 'hands-on' and more drama filled than ever, this series only became my viewing choice from lack of an alternative. 


There's a whisper that the eight level, 34-room octagonal-shaped Hotel Saville in South Yarra has been purchased by the production company of Channel 9’s The Block.

Eight luxe apartments with 360 degree views are a possibility.
Will you watch the next series?

x KL

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