well, that was wild...

 Today the sun is shining and it is a perfect Autumn day. 
Such a dramatic change from a few days ago when the Central Coast, along with Sydney, the Hunter and Illawarra areas were struck by a ferocious storm. Cyclonic winds downed trees and power poles, sparking mass blackouts, with some areas still without power.
Torrential rain and gusts of up to 135km/h whipped up massive seas that smashed yachts into matchwood whilst widespread flooding closed roads and schools. 

My son had one day back at school after the Easter holiday before the storm hit on Monday evening. The pictures above are of his school which only re-opened today. 

 The Central Coast is surrounded by magnificent waterways where many moor their boats. They called the winds Cyclone Category Two and they ripped  many vessels from their moorings causing extensive damage.

 Whilst we are very exposed to the weather at La Hacienda, being situated at the top of an ocean cliff, we survived well. Three days without power was challenging for a gaming obsessed boy though so we went and purchased a Generator. I have never seen so much joy from reconnecting with the T.V. and the net!

And in typical 'Murphy's Law' style, our power was restored the next day! LOL!

Storm Troopers on clean-up duty. He he.

x KL

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