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With progress here gathering pace, I've turned my attention to the joinery proposed for the kitchen, laundry, playroom, office and lounge. In doing so, I stumbled across an impressive new product (well, new to me!) called Maximum. It is a pressed porcelain product available in generous panel sizes which is both light weight and resilient. The range includes finishes resembling wood, concrete and marble in several surface options.

Marmi Calacatta is my favourite in a matt finish. The large sheets are absolutely stunning. There are four print variations and bookend options too ensuring little repeat even when sheeting walls. It is very cost effective compared to real stone and its light weight and practicality make it a very flexible product.

 I'm totally hooked but need to examine further a few concerns such as its suitability as a bench top and possible 'chipability', given it's essentially a 6 mm tile.
Here's some lust worthy in-situ pics from the Maximum website:

 At the very least, I think I've found my kitchen splash back material! 

x KL

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