October wish list

With the house progress gaining momentum after being so slow for a few years, I've found myself in a decorating hiatus.
Unpacking previously bought treasures has reminded me that we have enough.
And, until I find the spot for some items, I cannot foresee where any gaps might be. 
Everything continuing is now hinged on the two kitchens being completed in order to put things away, live functionally (on at least one level) and clear some space to put everything in place.
I'm even offering freebies on my local Trading Post to clear excess!

Our joiner has promised the additional 'bits' that were missing from the first fit-out will be delivered and installed next week, so I'm crossing my fingers and toes that my patience will be rewarded!

In the meantime, without a lot to do (there's no point cleaning the copious dust until it literally settles) I've wasted time occupied myself trawling the net to explore the latest offerings.

1. Still a favourite online store; Harold's. Love these crisp, sophisticated cushions.
 2. Muuto Dots. Perfect in every way.
 3. Cristina Re Mugs. Love the variety of mix 'n match patterns.
4. Nice dimensioned armchairs are hard to find. Love the Hudson from Orson & Blake.
5.  Out of my stratosphere $ wise, this Garden Life planter is a stunner!

Just dreaming ATM!

x KL

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