Year of The House: September update

  #YOTH15 update for Sea-Spray #2:  
I promised you that September would be a Progress-Packed month and it certainly has been.
David has devoted allot of time working here at home so, there's lots to report! 

  Carpet installed to Playroom, Main, J's and Guest Bedrooms!

Playroom carpeted and lounge in place!

Occupying Main Bedroom at last. Art hung. Those lamps are too big! Eeek!
Guest Bedroom ready for visitors!
As we have now vacated this room, it's ready for guests! Love my charcoal carpet!
Ordered this bed for one of the downstairs bedrooms as an update. 

Image via Freedom

  Stone top for playroom, Custom entertainment unit delivered and all pieces assembled.

Now to get the telly installed!

  The custom joinery robe for the Guest bedroom has been installed, ready for painting.

TIP: We saved a motsa here by ordering craftwood doors for us to paint in satin enamel, the same as all the other doors in the house. The difference between doing this and ordering two-pac saved thousands!

The fireplace for the main lounge is ready to be collected. Yippee!
David just waiting for some 'muscles' to help collect and unload here. The supplier doesn't deliver. WTF?

  Kitchen and Laundry joinery installed!
Main Kitchen Install: Lots of 'missing' pieces!
 With two big installs at one time, there were bound to be a few hiccups! We are missing drawer and door fronts, trim pieces, an appliance and oven cupboard to name a few. Pretty pics will have to wait! This week I will organise for the stonemasons to come and template the bench tops....
Laundry / Kitchenette; Still some parts to come too...
 Stone Walling feature stone delivered 

$500 delivery fee on this lot. The added cost of building in a regional area!

Custom steel handrail for internal stairs installed!
The fixing plates will be hidden in wall & behind a timber riser.
Frameless Glass balustrades for top decks installed.

Support sticks there till grout dried only!
Ordered Faux Grass for Poolside deck area.

Was able to get only one Fencing quote! Accepted this and installation is now complete!

A 5' fence was installed...it's now 6' as ordered. Ooops!
Timber Flooring installed to all areas; upper and lower halls, stairs, study, lounge, dining and kitchen.
Study looking a bit Ho-hum.
We decided to wall hang David's desktop. The supports will be painted the wall colour but the whole room looks pretty ordinary. It looks worse now with all the busy paraphernalia a working office contains. Think I'm going to just figuratively and physically, 'shut the door' on this room for awhile!

Lounge room Bookcase shelves installed.

Waiting to be painted now...

I haven't done much blogging as we've been so busy with the house and life in general. 
I'm popping updates on Instagram more frequently if youre interested in the 'gaps'! 

Renovating? Building? Got some House Projects to complete?
Join in! #YOTH15
(also on instagram of course!) 

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