Learning fast and hard

When I  lamented the woes of drawn out building / decorating projects in my last post, I must have jinxed myself!
I had chosen the most divine charcoal plush pile carpet; Godfrey Hurst, 'Highbury Plush', colour: Flagstone. That was almost twelve months ago, BUT when I rang my local carpet supplier for a measure-up recently, to my absolute horror, found it has been discontinued!!!! My colour choices have hinged on this large floor area being definite for eons....back to the shop around, and those zillions of choices, again!
And, to add salt to the wound, a much loved decor piece has also been taken off the import list.
SO... if you see something you really, really LOVE, buy and store, just in case!
(By the way, Eclectic is my middle name! LOL!)
x KL