The Slow Start

I am married to a very busy builder and am in the enviable position of creating a new home for our family. Typically however, I 'pay' my husband far less (read zip!) compared to a client and so, working on our home is a low priority. Like many tradesman's families we live in the to-be-finished project!
I must say that this slow style of creation gives lots of time to sort out design and decoration dilemmas. It also gives rise to the problem of losing one's way to a cohesive conclusion. There are so many wonderful ideas, products and directions out there that by the end of 3-5 years, the decisions made at the start are no longer similar to those being made at the end! I guess this applies to many people who, through opportunity and budget constraints take extended time frames to redecorate or renovate their homes?
I am addicted to magazine and design sites including blogs and take much inspiration from others. Sometimes I search desperately to find 'my' idea in some concrete pictorial form before confidently putting a plan into action!
At the moment I am deciding colours for four semi-finished rooms.ie; Plastered! Kitchen. 8yo son's bedroom, playroom / TV area and guest powder room. These are some of my current inspirations. As you can see, I love both classic and contemporary styles and my heart changes allegiance frequently! At least my Taupe / Black / White / Silver colour scheme is a constant!
Hope you'll excuse the layout - I am learning as I go and still getting a grasp on the mechanics of 'blogging'! (Including referencing). Thank you to A.M (The House that AM built) and The Diversion Project Blogs for giving me the courage to try this. LOVE their blogs, pictures and personality!
x KL