Small steps

After an emotional and torturous week full of family problems that of course took full priority, our ceilings in the new rooms are sanded and painted! Wall colours are next and decisions need to be made. Hubby likes Dulux paints so from their palette I've chosen Domino (a dark charcoal) as the hall colour, Red Box (Small features in son's bedroom; lovely, slightly dirty red), Natural White (a warm white) in varying strengths for ceilings, architraves and most other walls, and Silver Illusion (muted grey / taupe) for TV / Playroom walls.
We've been quite addicted in this household to the 'Grand Designs' programmes for a while now and at Christmas received some more of the series on DVD. We love the idea of the British 'Snug'. Our understanding of it is that it represents a small family TV area, possibly more easily heated. Hence our warmer colour choice for this room.

I hope we're on a winner here, as i am going for a sophisticated, grown up theme upstairs to contrast with a more relaxed, beachy feel downstairs. "It's only paint", I tell myself, easily re-done if a disaster! Now, choosing bathroom tiles is a bit more permanent! I am drawn to dark, perhaps black tiles and lots of mirror for the bathroom since it will be utilised as guest / evening entertaining powder room and boys ensuite too. Loving the contrast between dark and light tones in between rooms! 
Your comments and thoughts are all gratefully received!