A Tour Through Blogland

The lovely Natalie from In The Night Sky has nominated me to join A Tour Through Blogland. Natalie's blog is a favourite of mine, not only because she shares my love of Black and White interiors but because her posts are always an informative, warts n' all description of renovating. And her design aesthetic is inspirational too!

Anyhow...here's my wee tour via answering four questions:

1. What am I working on?

ATM, probably too many projects at once! Trying to make some progress on our house is always top of the list but, like many others, time and money are in short supply!

To be more specific though: Finishing painting the walls in the lounge / dining area. Trying to find my lost mojo for a large painting that I started. Organising the underfloor heating for the main bedroom en suite and upstairs powder room. Finalising colour specifications for a client project. Designing some custom cabinetry for the new bathrooms, hall and laundry.

2. How does my work differ from others in the DIY / Decorating genre?

Unfortunately the pace of my project is so abysmally slow that if you read a post once a year you'd probably catch-up pretty quickly. I find that frustrating and fill in the 'blanks' with inspirational material, client projects, family life and shopping finds!

3. Why do I write what I do?

Like Natalie, I often wonder why I blog and recently I have been toying with the idea of deleting my site entirely. I do enjoy posting when I can, it is a personal 'diary' in many ways but sometimes I wonder if having my life online is a bit too invasive. Most of my friends and family aren't aware of my blog and I like it that way. I feel very uncomfortable with the thought of anonymous spying but love reading other's renovating blogs and contributing to that pool of information regarding experiences.  I make no money from blogging but get an enormous amount of pleasure from reading others opinions, comments and reactions to my posts.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?
Finding time is obviously necessary. Then, with a post idea formulated, I'll go searching my own computer files, Pinterest and Google for images after which I'll write the content. Sometimes I'll have a few ideas which I jot down but usually I only post when I want to and I have a clear topic. It is time consuming but now I've mastered most of the mechanics it is much easier.
  It's my turn now to nominate two blogs:


Heidi is an Architect, Interior Designer, Mother of three, Cook, Baker, Reader, Gardener, Fashion Lover, Renovator, and Writer of random things in South Australia! She is a talented writer whose posts are varied in content and substantial in quality. Her home renovation posts are my favourites; full of generous information and tips for others.
Kristie is a Professional Blogger. She is also an Interior Stylist, Colour Consultant and full time Mummy and Wife. She has just finished building house number 4 and has renovated 7 in the last 11 years. I love how varied her posts are and have particularly enjoyed following her latest build project.  

Pop over and see why I nominated them...and don't forget to take a peep at In the Night Sky too!

Thank you Natalie for the invitation to be part of A Tour Through Blogland!

x KL

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