In the frame

I mentioned in a previous post my fascination with framed display boxes.
Everything just looks a bit more 'special' when displayed under a cloche or in one of these cases.

 But it seems I have a bit of a weak spot for all things 'framed' in steel; my first foray into custom design was the steel framed desk (pictured below) that I had made for our previous property.

 I love lighting options in this style too...the left one was recently featured on the reality show The Block, whilst I have purchased two of the right design for our dining area.

These Kubus by Lassen, bowls and candlesticks in black or copper are gorgeous!

 And a black Hay Tray Table is high on my wish-list....*sigh*

It seems that there are a multitude of objects in this style about at the moment...

Lanterns anyone?

My DIY coffee table project (which is still sans top) is another commitment I've made to this style.
Last week, I popped into my local Freedom store and came across the CBD table range.

The side tables in black were reduced from $210 each to $45!
 (Get your skates on if you want some too!)
 I grabbed a pair with the intention of switching the simple glass tops for marble to match the proposed top of my coffee table but atm the glass looks fine. I think they'd make excellent bedside tables too if you were tight on space. . .

x KL

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