Taking stock

I think we are getting somewhere lately...
Somewhat at a two lolly-pop steps forward and one step back, kinda pace!

Keen eyes would have spotted in yesterday's post that underfloor heating has been installed in the two upstairs bathrooms. If I can get a crane here to lift the palettes of travertine off the driveway then I can order sand. Those floors can then be screed-ed and prepped for tiling! Yay!

Of course nothing much has gone to plan though. Our crane guy keeps cancelling
One of the recently installed dining room lights is 'crooked' and needs to be replaced
The dining room table saga continues; it was eventually delivered but with the wrong legs
David finds the new mattress too hot so we need to address that issue.
 I finally ordered my dream, bone-inlay chest of drawers but it's out-of-stock
The fabric for an upholstered bed I wanted has been discontinued.  
Ahhh. Life!

You may have also spotted in yesterday's pics some repair work to the upstairs hall area too. Unfortunately the dark colour we painted in this area showed up imperfect plastering joins. David is quite the perfectionist so sanded the area and re-skim coated the wall. Re-sealed, re-undercoated and re-painted too. One more coat to go... Whew!

I am soooo itching to get decorating and start living in this house!

Anywho, in amongst this I decided to unpack all the art work I have and take stock. This is as a result of being quite aghast that a key piece I'd anticipated in the hall, looks less than impressive in it's spot. No dusting is going to make this light box look better. Wenge + Grey =   #$@*%!!!

I really thought I could 'visualise' well. Obviously, I'm mistaken! 
So before we finish painting I need to ensure the pieces I have, have a correct 'home'. 
Some need framing so that's going to be my next project!  
Then to work out what's going where!

The items in the above images (with the exception of the OFFS tea-towel) all require framing.

 'Art History' silk scarf by Vuk Vidor. More info HERE
'Constellation - Explorer; Compass to The Southern Sky' Municipal Prints Company. Deets HERE
A new purchase: Archival Print 'Moby Dick' by Lisel Ashlock via Etsy
'Union Jack' wallpaper by Vivienne Westwood for The Rug Company. Info HERE

As do two David Bromley Quilts / Throws and a cheap Bali knock-off of some lass!

Not sure if I'll hang any of my own paintings. The colours are wrong and the big monochromatic piece has stagnated. Like wise, some favourite prints from previous properties are too 'beige' to work here.

Am unsure about the Marimekko fabric pieces as art...they'll be OK as 'fillers' if needed but I'm aiming higher now. The middle image below is a Rude Rider's Scarf which I'm considering framing for J's bedroom. ?

And I still need to find a location for my 3D pieces; skulls and Bamileke Headdress.

 And Mirrors! Don't forget that collection! Eeek!

 Glad it's a big house with lotsa walls!!!!

x KL 

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