Some years, I am bursting with enthusiasm about the upcoming festivities and enthusiastically prepare to celebrate with gusto. Others, I approach the season with a bit of a Ho - Hum attitude. 
Unfortunately, this year is unfolding as the latter.

It may be because this will be the first year, in 25 years of motherhood, that there are no Santa believers in my household. J, newly 12, realised the truth at Easter and sobbing, also lost the Tooth Fairy and Santa in one painful moment of realisation .

It could be that my life has been recently touched by friends grief. The loss of a Grandmother, the sudden departure of a young Mum, a long battle lost by a child. And the sad memories of losing of my Father-in-law and Aunt rekindled.

Or the stress of a looming client deadline - with them immigrating from overseas and anticipating a completed home for Christmas. The tile supplier informing me this week that their tiles (ordered in August) are quite literally on a slow boat from China...W.T!

Perhaps, as my adult children establish their own lives, and extended family grow, the coordinating efforts to celebrate together has become such a drudgery, that the event has lost its lustre.

Maybe I'm just tired.... The Table Debacle was resolved only yesterday.
The top floor bathrooms show no further progress because our tiler became unavailable.
Mattress gate concluded a fortnight ago.

Or perhaps it's the heat. It's hot! I'm hot. And honestly, just not bothered!

 Trying to look on the positive side, with less than 5 weeks before Christmas, I am very relieved to have purchased 98% of our gifts.
The wrap is really to go and my 2014 theme decided; metallic + white
(which is rather unoriginal as Christmas 2013 was bedecked similarly)

I might try and action the tree this weekend. It can only end one of two ways....
The Christmas spirit will either be created or drunk...

x KL

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