You may say I'm a dreamer....

 ....but I'm not the only one.

A few months back we took a family weekend trip to Jenolan Caves
On the way there, we stopped in beautiful Leura for lunch and supplies. My daughters and I couldn't resist a quick peep inside the local shops too. We were very taken with a window display created using multiple white dream-catchers which were stunning, unlike the abysmal pictures! They obviously stuck a chord, as my daughter A has asked for one for Christmas. 
I get stressed easily and have learnt that the secret to alleviating this is being well organised. 
With most of my Christmas shopping complete, I have frantically tried to source something similar and eventually found a local shop prepared to make a white version, of their design (pictured below) for me.

Cost? Approx $100.
W. T.  F. ?

Guess I'm making one...

Wish me luck!

x KL

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