2015; Year of the Yang

 Whilst here we are calling 2015 The Year of The House, today marks the start of 15 days of celebration for the Chinese New Year, 2015 being The Year of The Yang.

So what is Yang?

According to William H. Baxter, Professor of Chinese Linguistics in the University of Michigan, the answer is not easy. "Since there is no exact equivalent in English for yángnián 羊年 (Year of the Yáng), I suppose there will always be an ambiguity. This is not unusual when translating from one language to another."

Professor Lingchei Letty Chen, an expert in Modern Chinese language and literature from the Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, US says "In Chinese, 'yang' is a genetic word to mean sheep/goat/ram, so yes, there's always the ambiguity when comes to translating the word."

Well however you interpret it, from my home to yours:


gong xi fat cai!

x KL

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