The most under-rated destination in Bali!

Bali Safari
Marine Park

On the recommendation of friends we booked two days at this Adventure Park and it quickly became the best part of our recent holiday. On our return, we were gobsmacked at how few people who have travelled to Bali, have taken the opportunity to include this on their itinerary.

The day and evening safari tours get you very up-close and personal with the exhibits.

We could think of no better place for a little boy to celebrate turning double digits.
Happy 10th Birthday darling boy!

 Piranhas!!!! J was chosen to feed them a chicken carcass. (He may have been guilty of waving his hand so wildly in front of the presenter's face that she was momentarily blinded and had little fingers up her nose! LOL!)
Everything you see in the movies is true...the water 'boiled' and there was nothing but bones in just a few minutes! Boy heaven!!!!

Staying over-night is a must. The room was appropriately themed and we had rhinoceros and zebra directly off our balcony!


And staying over meant we had unlimited opportunities to spend one-on-one time with the animals!

A trip to the toilet mid dinner resulted in half an hour with the elephant above!

We were also fortunate to attend the mega performance of Bali Agung -The Legend of Balinese Goddesses in the Bali Theatre. Created and produced by an internationally acclaimed theatrical team including Peter J Wilson who was the Director for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Opening Ceremony. This performance alone was worth triple the cost of the park entry fee but is included at no additional charge!

The only negative was forgetting to take our camera and iphone chargers with us. Most of our 'magic moments' need to be stored in the old memory bank instead. Oh well... another excuse to go back, this time armed with our good SLR!

x KL 

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