Salamet Pagi!

Good Morning!

I've finally found a minute to sit and post about my extended absence. 
 Life has been incredibly hectic for us this month. Our planned trip to Bali became a reality sooner than we anticipated and with only a few days to get organised to go, blogging went to the bottom of the to-do-list! 
My eldest daughter and her BF also secured a studio in Newtown and moving day was the day before our departure overseas. David & J were participating in a Father + Son weekend camp so I became the removalist! Great timing! And of course making sure our tradies had plenty of work to keep them occupied during our absence meant some hasty ordering of materials, detailed instruction sheets and late-night confirmation of joinery detailing! Phew!

We stayed for 11 nights at the Padma Resort at Legian, which was recommended to us by several people (we would definitely stay there again) and one night at the Bali Safari and Marine Park which we would also do again in a heartbeat!

I have so many photo's to sort, experiences to share and washing to do....
And playing catch-up with work and my favourite blogs needs to be fitted in somewhere. Hopefully, I'll get time for some regular posts soon!

Sampai jumpa!

x KL 

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