Yes, there's more!

  I do not know why I haven't been to Bali before.
 It is stunning
The Balinese people are beautiful. It's geographically close.
 It offers perfect weather, value for money and excels in 5 star tourism. 
 The variety of things to do and see are seemingly endless...
I'm already planning our next trip!

 Have I mentioned the food? Yum!

 We did the usual tourist things; hiring a driver who escorted us to Ubud and the Batur Volcano, Silver smiths, batik and traditional painting galleries. On another day we had great fun on Turtle Island and went snorkeling, diving and para-sailing at Nusa Dua.

When J took off my heart nearly stopped. W.T.F. was I thinking, allowing him to do this?

 Beautiful hand woven textiles and custom painted Batik!

 No photographs were allowed in this Silver emporium. Oops! The dragon took 3 years to make and was not for sale.

 Anyhoo....I'm sure that's enough of a slide show for today! I am of course saving the best till last...
See you tomorrow?
x KL 

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