A house update

 Have been busy with 'life' lately and haven't had much time for this here wee blog. I've kept up with reading all my favourites though!
Thought it was time for a la hacienda update.....
Whilst waiting for the professional plasterers to get here, David has done as much prep as he could manage confidently. Below is where the upstairs plastering is up to. The first four pics are of the lounge and dining rooms, the three below that are of our main bedroom, WIR and en suite.

 As there's little more we can do here other than show patience....David made a great start on creating a walk in linen cupboard under the stairs on the middle level. He plastered, set the walls / ceiling and laid flooring before sealing, painting and installing lighting. LOVE the quick installation of the pre-finished oak flooring we luckily scored from a job as left-over material. It means we save on using our expensive marble in there too. Win - win! The fluorescent light fitting is one left over from the garage / storage area fit out.

Now we just have to order the fit-out shelving and get an electrician to tidy up that wiring conglomeration and we'll have the first FINISHED and FUNCTIONING room!!!! 
OK, well it is technically a cupboard...but HOORAY anyhows!

Oh, and a very happy, belated Valentines Day!

x KL

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