Clever Reno: updating for resale (PART ONE)

Some wonderful, dear friends of ours recently embarked upon a home renovation project that has impressed me no end. As potential 'empty nesters' (a few years still to go though) they decided to update their existing 20 year old home to suit the current market anticipating a sea change scenario.

20 years ago they built not one but two Huxley Project Homes. Their first, above, still looks like the day they built it. It is Colonial Ranch Style as was the height of fashion when first constructed.

Above is their second home (photo taken about 9 months ago), which is exactly the same design but mirror reversed and below, is how it looks today....

Impressive transformation isn't it? On a strict budget, they have made the house look more contemporary in style. A simple face-lift that has taken decades off it's age! They removed the stuck-on window grids and veranda finials, added interior plantation shutters and replaced the entry and garage doors with up-to-date styles and colours.

I think that they have been very clever with their moolah. They've spent where needed but recognised that updating a house doesn't mean changing EVERYTHING; a good eye has seen them retain inherent features which they have worked with well. The brick facade, a case in point.

Little details were not forgotten though and make a big impression relative to outlay.

New lighting fixtures, house identification and a shuffle of landscape features like the stone urn and pedestal have all contributed to a fresh new look without breaking the bank.

And inside they worked their magic too....

(Part Two post to follow!)

x KL

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