Seeing Stars and Enlightenment!

 Being an admirer of Minosa product and design for quite some time, I was very excited to see their promo, below, pop into my inbox. In home design sessions? Free? 
Before I could say 'Yee Ha!' came the catch. Sydney Metro Area only. Damn!

 I first became aware of these guys when we renovated our previous home (posted HERE and HERE). Unfortunately the product didn't fit within our budget then but they were on my radar.
 I next saw their products first hand, utilised in the award winning Avoca Beach Project that my husband built. Designed and decorated by Architecture Saville Isaacs, Minosa products clearly enabled the architects to achieve their vision.


I sent an innocuous e-mail off, encouraging their new endeavour and which resulted in a serendipitous meeting between Darren Genner and I at Le hacienda!

I must admit, I was a wee bit apprehensive of our meeting... but was quickly put at ease.
I really liked Darren. 
He was no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point, easy to talk to and non judgemental. He was full of suggestions and made me feel like an intelligent participant in our conversation. 
Arriving with enthusiasm despite the challenging wet weather encountered and distance travelled,
he gave positive reinforcement to previous design decisions we'd made (Thank, God!) and constructive advice for others. Above all, there was honesty in his opinions and his passion for design was palpable.

The upshot of the meeting? I'm taking our joinery ideas back to the table but with much greater confidence and clarity.

Should you require it, and are within the Sydney area, I highly recommend utilising this incredible service, details of which can be seen on the Minosa flyer pictured above.

x KL

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