In my world this week....

J's been trying to help David at work to earn some pocket money. They sent me the top left picture. O.M.G! Apparently a staged shot with no power to the saw. Funny. Not.

One of my dearest friends has welcomed her first Grandson to her family. Hello Mason! Never ceases to amaze me how tiny a newborn looks!

Had a fabulous day at a friend's farm that needs some 'zushing'. We flew there and back in their helicopter and I was in awe of the scenery...wish I had more than my old iPhone for picture taking!

In a rush to get J to school on the flight day I forgot breakfast. No problemo thinks I as I sweep past the local bakery and send J in for a fruit muffin. "Check out the croissant I got!" he exclaimed as he slipped back into the car...(looking most pleased with himself) Mmmm. Apple; tick. Custard: OK. Monster Flaky pastry apple turnover for breakfast? LOL! 
Mother of the year!!!!!

x KL 

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