Bits 'n Bobs

 We are in the middle of the first week of school holidays here. Holidays = Sleep-ins = Bliss. 
J's been busy with 'sleepovers' which seem to be the 11-year-old thing-to-do. I miss him.

 David and I took J and a mate to Singleton to visit the Australian Army Infantry Museum (David taking a day off work to do so) on the recommendation of a fave blogger. Might've been a good idea to check their opening times....closed on Tuesdays nearly caused bloody WW3!

Anywho...the four hour drive included a lovely lunch at the Potters Hotel Brewery. Open fire, great food, a game of pool, choc tops...no more needs to be said, really.

 The steel base for my 'wish-list', family room coffee table is complete! (planned way back HERE). Now I need to get it powder coated and the timber top made. (Might not be pressing Davey for this ATM....LOL!)

The Main Bathroom mirrors are in; there's NO hiding! (1) but I'm yet to clean and style...
Still sorting through Ray's belongings and preparing a worthy Memorial Service (2 & 3)
(4) Hello George! Considering these tiles for a feature wall in Mum's bathroom. ?
Skeletal baby bird. (5) Thanks David, but I like my taxidermy free of 50 years of cobwebs!
My heart melted when my son gave me these after a play day at a mates. 11 years old and 'man' enough to give these to me in front of them. Mwaaah! (6)
(7) How can THIS baby be one?
Over joyed when Davey offered to cook....(8) but W.T.F has he done to my oven?!
(9) A local riding a 'static wave' as Avoca Lake burst through it's bank into the sea. Amazing!
Boys. Mud. Mates. (10) Evidence!

x KL

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