I've been M.I.A.
 Busy with life. Here's a brief synopsis.

 I'm no Royalist, but have really enjoyed the excitement surrounding the new Princes' birth.
With two 'spare' bedrooms, am becoming obsessed with setting up a guest suite. Harvey Norman full bed V's Recollection's Bedhead. Taupe V's Charcoal. Mattress only V's ensemble. Still doing the sums! Opinions?
Scala Spa spout; RR $200! $20 'excess stock' score! Whoop whoop!
LOVE this Sass & Bide Tee. Exy. Doesn't fit. I've noticed as I've grown bigger that the L and XL sell out first. Dear Heidi, Sarah-Jane & Co.:Make more. Make in larger sizes. Make more moolah. Duh!
Having a Butterfly moment. Want a huge collection!

Doing lots of research into toilets. Exciting stuff. 
Above are the Ideal Standard Concept suite and pan I'm considering for Mum & Dad's Laundry / Bathroom renovation.

TIP: If you've a bad back, mobility issues or aging, consider an easy height W.C. for your Reno. There are access and mobility standards to consider in specific situations, but surprisingly there's allot on offer that ticks boxes for the domestic market with a look that's quite palatable!

x KL 

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