Pottery Barn: My Online Shopping Experience

Waaaay back HERE, during the first week in May, I tested the newly opened Australian Pottery Barn Online Shopping experience by purchasing a piece of faux coral. After very little communication, I received said order today; July 15.

For faux, it's just OK. I am considering returning it. The colour is much more cream than pictured, the piece less opaque and 'heavier' visually than anticipated. It was really well packaged for transit but included no receipt or paperwork whatsoever. Strange. And 10 weeks delivery time frame for an advertised 'in stock' item? Not on.

I love online shopping and have had in general, excellent success, but I'll be striking Pottery Barn off my shopping destination list. Have you had any experiences with them that you'd like to share? Perhaps mine was a one off?

27th September ADDENDUM:  
Received a phone call today from PB asking for updated credit card details so they could charge and post this order to me. W.T.F? Major System Failure!

x KL 

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