d e v a s t a t e d . . .

1. To lay waste; destroy.
2. To overwhelm; confound; stun

 It's NOT happening people. *sob*
After three years of carefully deciding on 'THE' wallpaper and bragging about it HERE, 
convincing hubby it was going to work, and being able to put my moolah where my heart was...
It's not going to happen!!!

To cut a L O N G, painful story short, this wallpaper can only be ordered in double rolls, each length only 4.1 metres. To get the drops required, I need a minimum of six rolls or 49.32 m.
My hall only needs 18.8 metres of wallpaper, so I'll have 30.52 m of excess in unusable short lengths.

This wallpaper has a RR of $495 per roll.

 Lets entertain some synonyms: devastated adjective shattered, shocked, stunned, overcome, crushed, overwhelmed, distressed, gutted (slang), dazed, knocked sideways (informal), knocked for six (informal)  W. T. F. (KL)

P.S: All billionaire hobbits who would like to wallpaper their abode with my left-overs please contact me immediately!!!.
x K

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