3 weeks lost

 Losing three weeks of my life to sickness has been frustrating...most of all the inability to 'do' anything, go anywhere and feeling confined. I was pretty zonked on painkillers and one can only peruse so many magazines! Headaches made any indulgence in real literature impossible.

So, I shopped

Online of course...

....just a little....

Here's the deets....

My love of Camilla saw this long kaftan (which was on sale!) pop into my cart. Even though I'm a curvy girl, the style swamps me so I'm going to get it reworked into a sleeved dress.
New season Country Road tempted...and fed my continuing pastel pink obsession with these summer jeans and vase
The shoe height on these CR mules are just right for this ol' gal but I think I'll return them for the white colourway which is everywhere this season!
Ordered two of these light fixtures from Beacon Lighting for over the dining table. David picked them up and HATES them. . . Beacon have a great return policy but I'm going to try to 'sell' them to hubby first!
J is growing like no tomorrow. At 12, he is now as tall as me. He seems to have outgrown every wardrobe item in the past three weeks! New CR jeans (he hates the button fly) and a new Tee are a stop-gap till I can take him shopping. 
Whilst I was buying from CR I also grabbed this black smock which will hide my puffed up belly. I think it will look sweet over the pink jeans. The detailing is gorgeous!
My hospital admission was so hurried that I was admitted with only the clothes I was wearing! Mum grabbed these men's flannies for me from Lowes. Super sloppy, soft and warm. Perfect post surgery. Thanks Mummy!!!!
Harold's always has something I 'need'. Cough. A handful of porcupine quills and an emu egg have now been added to my collection of curiosities!

 There is one more thing that I bought from my hospital bed...
It's a biggie and I am very excited about it! I think it deserves its own post though, so stay tuned!
Here's a teaser...

x KL

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