F*#%, what a R I D E !

 If I know you personally or if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you'll know that my life hit an unexpected road block a few weeks ago...

An intimate look at my gizzards during surgery # 1.

After suffering from acute upper abdominal pain on and off for three years, a week of back-to-back episodes saw me take action and go to hospital. 
Long story short, after three hospital admissions, one each of transesophageal echocardiogram, X-ray and ERCP, two MRIs, Ultrasounds and Surgeries, four ECGs and days without any food or water, 5 cannula's and my own body weight in analgesics (including narcotics) being administered via injection, intravenously or ingested - I am one gall bladder and one very problematic gall stone lighter. 
(and I've put on a kilogram....W.T.F.! Go figure!)

I received some beautiful flowers...and have ploughed my way through some great mags

I have to say that the paramedic, nursing and medical staff that I encountered in the emergency department (public hospital) and wards during the surgery procedures (private hospital) were absolutely wonderful. I feel so grateful to have been looked after by such professional, dedicated and caring individuals.

This was the westerly view at sunset from one of our top balconies tonight. Stunning.
Am soooo glad to be home.
I am allowed to drive again on Wednesday (Hooray!)

Thank you to those who have kindly wished me well throughout this ordeal!
Am glad to say all is again well in my world!

x KL

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