Did you guess what I bought after last week's sneak peek?

It's a dining table made from reclaimed, 100 year old elm!

Now, I know buying a substantial piece of furniture, sight unseen, online and from a hospital bed may seem a little bit odd unusual. But, I had been toying with the idea for some time. I had done plenty of prior 'homework'!

I justified the purchase hence:
I love it
I think the juxtaposition with our contemporary house will look good
It's the right size....3000 mm x 1000 mm. (OK; 1200 wide would've been better)
I had some moolah from the sale of previously loved furniture & decor pieces
I can't find a mill to mill the plank (though am still working on it...)
It will look good outside if we move and can't accommodate the size
I have given away an old table and chairs so I have storage room for our Edwardian Banquet table
It was reasonably priced
I love it.

Here are some dining rooms that I found and pinned as inspiration whilst I was investigating options.... They all feature rustic tables surrounded by contrasting style chairs in mostly contemporary settings.

My new baby is being delivered tomorrow.
Fingers and toes crossed she's as beautiful as the online pics!

x KL

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