Another room finished!!!!!

 Woop! Woop!

J's Bathroom / Powder room is officially complete...

(OK....there may be some electrical work and cleaning to still attend to, LOL) but I had to share!

I did a Detailing Post on this wee room back HERE, which shows the plans and inspiration behind the room. It has been fitted out very inexpensively, which was also explained previously.
So, (insert Drum roll....) here are the pics...

Image taken from the doorway... excess grout muck still to be cleaned from floor. Niche-fitted blind to be installed. Ordered in white but should have chosen black. Might re-order I think. ?

Some nocturnal 'Ninja' tree trimming will restore a beautiful beach vista from the window. He He. Under floor heating requires hook up.

Dummy Run for proposed kitchen cabinetry colour and finish, in this custom vanity; Matte 2-pac. Quite happy with results and fingerprinting seems OK. Handles on vanity bought (one sitting in possy) but not attached.

There was supposed to be a shampoo shelf niche but Davey 'forgot'. Bugger.
 This little shelf will have to do! Love the frame less shower screen!

Functioning as J's bathroom AND as a guest Powder room, I need to find some art / accessories that are youthful, masculine and suitable for both users. Yikes!

Please excuse Moi in the shower, trying to look invisible, whilst snapping this pic!

 Not sure why the drawer under the vanity can't be closed atm. ? 
Choosing the colour of the vanity joinery and top was excruciating. The marble was 'browner' than I thought once laid, and in reality, is much darker than these images. Trying to 'match' the stone with another piece of stone for the vanity top was impossible (God knows, I tried!!!!)

And so we're onto finishing the next room: our main bedroom ensuite!

Here's a sneak peek...

Rogerseller Cloud Cover Shower. *sigh*

x KL

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