Compromise has been a dirty word as far as this build has been concerned. I regarded it with the same contempt and revulsion as the word Budget. 
 The truth is...I have ignored the so called 'elephant' in the house room. 
What we've still got to do, to complete this project, and what money we have to do it with, do not equate. We were happy to 'do' bits as finances allowed but to be honest, David and I are a bit over it. 
If I want to get this project over-the-line and, want to enjoy living here with all the planned amenities, then I've got to get serious about my attitude to both words; Compromise and Budget.

Now, never fear, I'm not talking about any near-enough is good-enough caper. No. Definitely not.

But I am considering....

Do I need to spend $18K on carpet? Could I live with the a lower density version for $10K?
Can I buy a Bunnings stick-on mirror for behind the door to the WIR instead of having the door back professionally mirrored? (It would look soooooo good....)
Should I fit the three built-in desks to the kid's bedrooms with laminate tops, not stone as planned?
Can I live with blinds only in the living areas? Do I need window coverings here at all?
Would painted block retaining walls look acceptable compared to stone clad versions?
Will a coloured concrete driveway be aesthetically acceptable v's pavers?
Can a painted display niche look as good as a mirrored one?
Can I use freestanding joinery pieces instead of custom joinery for the playroom, office and lounge?
Can I compromise on my vision and furnish more economically with similar-look items?
Do we need the security system and intercom that are wired for, but not installed?

Unless of course, I find one of these....

x KL

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