Photography as A R T

Have you noticed the popularity of photographic art at the moment?
It seems to be a trend popping up in all the Interior mags, as well as on Pinterest, telly reno shows and in professional styling. 

This style of art was peppered throughout the apartments of the last series of The Block and
I quite literally swooned over this piece by Trevor Mein, from Otomys:

Archival Photographic Print titled FridayFiveThirtyEight2008 by Trevor Mein
Unfortunately, I do not have a lazy $4 200 to buy it... *sob*
The print below, Calm Before from The Canvas Workshop, is more pocket friendly at one-tenth of the price though, and makes a similar impact. (I know... but could it suffice whilst saving? LOL)

The latest edition of online magazine, Adore Home showcases some photography from X 20x200 in a serene bedroom by Bonnie Hindmarsh (Three Birds Renovations)

Artwork: Waiting by Ian Baguskas
I think I'm drawn to the blue tones of water, ocean scenes in particular, due to our beach side location.
The Sea by Karla Rosenlund went straight to the top of my wish-list after I first came across this image in Domaine Home.

Limited Edition: The Sea Photographic Print
Of course, photography as art is not limited to this one subject!!! The imagination of the photographer is its only limitation.. Here are some more of my personal favourites:

The Real Estate Stylist: Pink Desert as seen on Reno Rumble

source unknown
Mursi From Mago / Ethiopia by Mario Gerth, 2009
Artwork by Leila Jeffreys

untitled 29/77 by Bill Henson
Eclectic as usual!

What do you think of photography as art in the home?
Are you a fan?

x KL

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