Happy Birthday Ploddy!

The Central Coast's iconic dinosaur Ploddy, will share the Festival of 50 with David and I this year. 
Ploddy is a life-sized replica of Diplodocous (extinct for more than 150 million years). Celebrations for heritage listed Ploddy began this week at her home (yes, she's a girl!), The Australian Reptile Park.

Source: News Limited
Ploddy was originally build at the former site of the Australian Reptile Park at Wyoming in 1963 by the park's founder, the late Eric Worrell, as a roadside mascot. 
Sculptor Ken Mayfield constructed her from a photograph of the largest diplodocous specimen.
 The finished product measured over 26 m and weighed about 100 tonnes. 
original Australian

Ploddy moved from Wyoming to Somersby in 1996 when the park relocated and became Australia's first giant roadside icon! 
She is highly visible on a hill adjacent to the Sydney - Newcastle freeway and is seen every year by over 40 million passing vehicles!

LEFT: 1980: Eric Worrel and Ploddy                                    RIGHT: 1996: Relocation of Ploddy to Somersby
 Her concrete skin is repainted regularly to support local charities and events and is estimated to be 1.5cm thicker as a result.


From one dinosaur to another; Happy Birthday Ploddy!

x KL 

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