seren'dipitous online shopping!

I've found an aesthetic soul-mate in Aaron Bourne of Harold's Finishing Touches.
 After 'discovering' him via Jen Bishop of The Interiors Addict in 2012, there's been little need for trawling the Internet for special pieces that pique my interest. No sore feet and disappointment in the local store offerings either!
Except for the faux bovine skull, all the items below are from his online store - it's a good thing (for my wallet) I don't live near enough to pop into his physical one!

Another serendipitous online find was the replica Constellation Map - Explorer; Compass to The Southern Sky, below right. Not a bad representation of the Thomas O'Brien map featured in the Elle Decor image, below left. Thank you Mimosa Lane for the tip off!

 I'm also excited to have secured the charcoal linen King bedhead I wanted for our new main bedroom. Dilema I posted about HERE, resolved! Yee Ha! 

Can you believe we're well past the half way mark of 2013?! 
Someone mentioned Christmas to me the other day. *shudder* 
Don't know about you, but I feel like I'm in some kind of space- time warp continuum where everything is sped up! Wish it would slow down so I could disembark! LOL!

x KL 

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