V.I.P project update

Work at Mum and Dad's is gathering momentum.

We've added internal house access to what was the laundry and included a W.C and vanity, creating an ensuite. A new northern window floods what was once a dark room with gorgeous natural light.

The rear door and window have been exchanged for a new sliding door unit which increases the light and visual space in the kitchen / dining area. This room has also had the original timber sliding doors replaced with cavity sliding doors for the same reasons.

The bathroom is getting closer to completion; waiting now for the custom built vanity, mirrored shaving cabinet and shower screen. The original feature tile from the bathroom has been carefully salvaged for a creative project. It has much sentiment attached to it by my sisters and I who bathed beneath it ever night!

Next week David is creating built-in robes to the bedrooms, painting is commencing and prep for the new kitchen will start. Phew! 

Mum and Dad are faring well with the stress of the renovation...they're staying with us when the loud and really dirty work is done and go home, when they can, to the chaos! I have to say I'm loving every minute spent with them; we've been blessed with gorgeous weather which has facilitated many ocean walks and leisurely lunches!

Mum and Dad have chosen a neutral new palette, Smartstone Botticino stone countertops, Dulux Natural White joinery and various tones of Hog's Bristle walls throughout. They're still mulling over carpet choices but Godfrey Hirst eco+ Silk Bay is the current top contender!

That pretty much sums up this very important project's progress. I'll look forward to posting some finished pics in due course!

x KL

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