balustrades and handrails

We are extremely fortunate here to have some outstanding views from both the front and rear of our property. The ocean views from the street facade are visible from two of the three levels, whist the rear aspect provides views of Copacabana's beach and valley from the top level.

When designing the house, the external balustrade composition was integral to how the house looked and how we looked out, from it! Consideration was needed on many levels; our and neighbour's privacy, maximising the view and abiding by council regulations for safety. Oh, and budget. LOL.

Ground floor                                                                   Upper floor

 With neighbours to the left and right, we wanted to ensure their and our privacy. Without a viewto the left, we had no deck areas there. To the right however, was an existing large two storey home with lots of windows so we decided on a combination of full (orange lines above) and half height (noted in red) solid, rendered balustrades. To the front ocean view, we have selected frameless glass. Frameless glass will also be used for the pool fence.

 The above image illustrates what we have chosen. The frameless glass panels sit into a channel that is hidden into the travertine tiled deck. Neat. Minimal. Safety regulations dictate that a top handrail is mandatory so we'll be having a slim stainless steel top, an example of which is below.

The pool fence will be the same set up but sans top rail. Something similar in look to the image above. The mix of solid and glass styles has also balanced out the expenditure for the extensive railing. Yay!

Inside, we're going with a similar mix. The stairs between levels are contained within walls and only the stair entry point from the top level requires a barrier. I switched from solid to frameless glass for this to keep the feel open in this area and so that hallway art can be viewed uninterrupted from the lounge room. (rough rendering below)

The final decision is hand rails for the two sets of internal stairs. I want minimal clean lines and am drawn to these inspirational pictures:

Unfortunately the built within-the-wall hand rails are no longer possible here. Should've incorporated them at framing stage! Damn! But the sleek steel ones are next on my wish - list. I'll get them custom made and beg Davey to hide the wall fixings within the plaster like this:

Here's more of what I'm thinking:

I can't wait to see these last selections in place. 
All the years of planning, choosing and toiling are finally coming together.

x KL

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