Now that my two daughters have flown the nest, our predominately female home has become principally male. Having been raised with two sisters, this is a first-time experience for me. And, boy is it taking some getting used to!

My decorating style is quite masculine in many ways but I'm currently being drawn to pastel pink
I wonder if it's a subconscious reaction? 
Like-wise, my lack of ankle biters have me pondering all the cute stuff that pops into my inbox. 
Go figure.

Here's the best stuff I've found for those still with pink little cherubs...

 1. Rose gold finish Ellie Cot and pink child's egg chair. Both Incy Interiors. 
a. Cheeky Little Soles soft soled leather cowgirl boots and
b. 'Tip Toey' Joey pre-walker Gold 100% leather booties. Both from Hard to Find.
c. Pink and white spliced Hosk cushion (wonder if my boys could tolerate these?) Country Road.
d. Sheridan's new baby range. All of it. Gorgeous.

2. Boys welcome with this one! Little Green Room. Cubby house / caravan. I want!!!
a.  Hanneke cushion and single blanket, Mikki bedcover. All Country Road.
b. Lucy change table also from Incy Interiors
c. Sequin coat hangers. Etsy
d.  Pink velvet lumbar cushion. Adairs.

And in case you're wondering, yes, of course all items can be bought online!

x KL

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